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XPT Challenge: Just Say No

Feeling “holidayed” already? Brace yourself.  

The Thanksgiving festivities were merely a warm up – we have over a month to go.  So, this week we’re focusing on energy conservation & social selectivity.  

In theory, the “yes to everything” approach sounds great.  In real-time, responding to all RSVP’s with an affirmative usually pans out poorly. To avoid the mid-December forehead smack and arriving into 2018 sleep-deprived, overfed, under-nourished, over-extended, & unfulfilled – we’re doing this season differently. We’re saying no – strategically.  

How to do it?

* Block nights in advance just for you.  If you need to give them up later, you can, but on your terms.  

* Identify your “priority people” and commit only to their gatherings. Otherwise, just attend the large-scale events & swap holiday hello’s with as many people as possible in one “go”.  

* Prepare & practice your polite declination – as in “I’m so sorry but I have a prior engagement that evening” but “thank you for thinking to include me.”  Then suggest, or even set a date, for a coffee in January when the party dust has settled, your calendar isn’t cramped and you can both better enjoy one another’s company.  

Have a trick that works for you?  Share with us in a comment!

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