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5 Benefits of Yoga


Yoga is a practice of the body, mind and spirit. Whether you do it once a day or once a week, yoga can bring a sense of calm and well being into your life. These are just a few things that yoga can do for your physical and mental state.

1. Breathing / Stress

– Yoga focuses your attention on your breathing and poses. Your cares of the day will melt away if you fully concentrate and allow yourself to inhale and exhale deeply into your stretches and poses.

2. Meditation

– Yoga can be used as a spiritual practice and a way to develop a deeper connection to one’s self and nature. It can give people a sense of inner peace and a way to calm the body and mind together.

3. Muscle Endurance

– During yoga you typically hold poses for periods of time and repeat each pose, or variations of each pose, several times during the workout. So just like any other exercise regimen it’s the repetitive motion that increases muscular endurance -in this case the exercise regimen just so happens to be yoga.

4. Strength

– Most yoga poses require that you use your own body weight. Many of the poses require you to lift one hand and one leg at the same time and there are even more difficult poses that require balance while supporting your body weight. No matter what you are at in your yoga practice you are gaining strength because it calls for you to use all the strength you can muster up to hold your poses as best you can.

5. Flexibility

– Yoga can lengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body. Yoga increases flexibility and helps with range of motion.

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