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Book Spotlight: Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In by Brett Bartholomew

“Communication is an invaluable skill that builds the foundation of all successful teams, organizations, and relationships. Even though many people would agree with this statement, it’s very likely they never spend any time improving their communication skills. Conscious Coaching is not just a practical tool for world-class coaches but also an eye-opening guide to effective communication in any setting. Coach Brett delivers an elaborate breakdown of personality archetypes, common interpersonal challenges, and powerful communication strategies in this one of a kind book that is a self-improvement must read.” –XPT Performance Director, PJ Nestler

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In the world of strength and conditioning, learning how to move others—not just physically, but also psychologically and emotionally—is paramount to getting the most out of them. People are the ultimate performance variable, and understanding how to effectively blend knowledge of proper training with the nuances of human behavior is integral to helping athletes achieve their ultimate goals. Unfortunately, while much attention has been given to the science of physical training, little attention has been given to the science of communication.

Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In bridges this gap. Readers learn the foundational principles of improving relationships, enhancing engagement, and gaining the trust of athletes through targeted communication. And, every bit as important, readers also learn concrete strategies to apply these principles in day-to-day coaching situations they will inevitably encounter. The result is a game-changing book that sets the stage for coaches to create a culture of success within sport, but also beyond. Conscious Coaching is a movement and its time has come.


Chess Not Checkers: How a better understanding of human nature, behavior, conflict and personality can enhance your programming, training and results.

The Upside to your Dark Side: What social science tells us about how leveraging “negative” personality traits can be our best asset when leading others.

More Than an Art: The science behind foundational principles that underpin relationship management, enhanced engagement, and the ability to gain the trust of athletes through targeted communication.

It Takes a Village: Share strategies from more than 15 of the world’s top performance professionals, as well as their tips behind how to deliver these strategies more efficiently and connect more authentically with athletes of all personality types.

Re-shaping the Culture of The Craft: What it takes to leave a lasting legacy and how to reclaim the lost art of 360 degree mentoring so that we can build more competent future professionals within the field.

Get your copy of Brett’s book today by clicking HERE

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