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Burn Baby Burn – Calories That Is

We all know there are no real short cuts in life, but if you can do a little of this and a little of that and burn more calories throughout your day, why not? Here are a few simple activities (or we can even call them tricks to make it sound more fun) you can do to burn more calories.

Eat a Protein Rich Meal

The reality on this one is the body works harder to digest protein meals. The body has a thermic response which burns about 30% of the calories consumed.

Drink Water

It is a known fact that cells that are not hydrated will store more fat. Boring or not we are water, we need water, and most of us are walking around dehydrated.

Whenever you can walk it out

It isn't just about what we eat and how much time we spend at the gym. You can make deposits all day long to turn back the calorie meter, and every step counts. Have something to discuss with a business colleague? Don't send an email or pick up the phone, trot on over and click a few calories off. Use the stairs whenever your shoes will allow (remember up is always safer than down), and park your car as far away as you can whenever you can. My favorite is the person who waits in their vehicle for a close spot at the gym. Hmmmm?

Stand up for your rights

Now a days there are tons of companies making stand up desks. If you want to get fancy you could add a mini treadmill that travels at about 1 to 2 miles per hour so you can walk at your desk. No, you won't be all gross and sweaty in your business attire. Not to mention how energetic will you sound on conference calls?

Jump on a mini tramp-

oline that is. Get your mind out of the gutter. You can burn up to 161 calories for 30 minutes on the mini and it doesn't even take up much room or hurt your knees. Anyone can do it.

Get your lovin’on

Good for your relationship and not bad for a few extra calories. Half an hour of snuggling will drop an extra 40 calories and if you have time to do the real thing that's an extra fifteen. Everyone wins!

Be Spicy

Certain spices (cinnamon and cayenne pepper) are known to have thermogenic responses which helps you burn stored fat better. A little extra cinnamon on your oatmeal or some cayenne pepper mixed into a throat coat tea with honey. I'm not a spice girl, but this is good.

Here's to your burning. -Gabby

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