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To Peel or Not to Peel

With all of our outdoor time in the surf, the wind and the sun, skin protection is a priority at XPT.  But for this week's XPT Challenge, we’re focusing on the skins of our food. 

Certain plant-based foods – like oranges, papaya, banana – have inedible peels.  But others – like sweet potato, apple, mature coconut, and cucumber – have a superficial layer that we sometimes toss out or cut off, when we shouldn’t.  This skin is the part of the produce where phytochemicals (beneficial, anti-oxidant rich compounds) congregate.  The darker these plant-based pigments, the more potent their therapeutic properties. 

The skin also contains valuable insoluble fiber – which stabilizes blood glucose levels, keeps us satisfied between eating opportunities, and promotes digestive health and regularity. 

So, this week we challenge you to stock up on skinny produce (read: fruits and vegetables with skins) and include them in your meals and snacks.  To get the perks without any unwanted extras, opt for organic whenever possible and within your budget and wash well to remove wax and debris. 

Let us know how it goes!


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