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Going with the Flow

June 19th, 2016

Today I did what I have done around this time of year for the last 15 years – earn at least one Gold Medal at the Sunshine State Games Track Meet, Florida’s annual sports festival (think a state-wide Olympics).

This event is an annual target for me. But, before I earn another championship, I have to arrive at the starting line with enough fitness to chase the prize.

Every year in this streak is unique in terms of training, preparation & life circumstances. Each go-round reinforces the mantras of: 1) “there is no such thing as a perfect training program” and 2) “the best workout is the one you do”.

At 48 I harbor no longer harbor aspirations of the pro lifestyle. I need to shoehorn my training and recovery around life’s responsibilities. This year was no different.

Eleven days before the meet I was dispatched to Colorado for a Strength and Conditioning conference. I took advantage the ample high altitude training venues to put the finishing touches on my preparation. After logging my carefully planned epic workouts, I knew I was ready to go. Except for one small detail, leaving Colorado and returning to Florida.

The airlines conspired to reinforce the above mantra #1. After staying up for 36 hours straight, 4 cancelled flights and one Kinesiology lecture later I made it to bed Tuesday night.

My original plan for the week included a snappy bike ride, a lifting session and a couple of sharp lacrosse workouts. Due to the lack of sleep it devolved into 15 minutes of easy lacrosse each day leading up to race day. Just enough movement to get the blood flowing, work some accuracy and most importantly have fun. The remainder of my daily training budget was dedicated to recovery modalities: heat, ice & electric muscle stimulation (The Marc Pro Plus).

From Tuesday to Saturday I slept 10-12 hours each night and locked in my nutrition using 3Fuel & 3Carb. Each day I felt progressively better. So when this morning arrived I was ready. I Lawsonized1 the 3000m run to earn the overall title & followed it up with 45-49 age group wins in the 800m and 1500m runs.

Programming workouts is as much art as it is science. Have the courage to take a fluid approach to training, listen to your body and rest when needed.

We compete to earn results, not amass gaudy training logs.

Thanks for Reading,

  1. Lawsonize verb to lead every step of a race, winning in convincing fashion; an homage to former Marathon American Record holder Jerry Lawson who would bolt from the starting line like an extra in a disaster movie, never relinquish his lead and usually break the course record in the proces doc’s Final Training Cycle in Preparation for the 2016 Sunshine State Games


Wednesday June 8

  • 30 min run including 70 sec @ 800m race effort, 30 sec rest, 35 sec @ 800m race effort, 30 sec rest, 35 sec @ 800m race effort

Venue: University of Colorado’s Buffalo Ranch (home course of the multi-time National Champion M&W Cross Country Teams)

  • 30 min lacrosse practice (shots on goal)

Venue: Kitt Field – University of Colorado

Thursday June 9

  • 5.5 hr bike ride in & around Boulder, CO including: Flagstaff Mt and Magnolia Hill (a Category 1 climb)
  • 20 min lacrosse practice (fundamental stick work)

Venue: Kitt Field – University of Colorado

Friday June 10 (planned ez day)

20 min lacrosse practice (shots & stick work) – Tama Lacrosse Colorado Springs, CO (one of the best lacrosse shops on the planet!)

Saturday June 11

  • 90 min bike ride at the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO w/ a few brisk efforts (< 1 min) to open up the legs
  • 20 min lacrosse practice (fundamental stick work)

Venue: University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

Sunday June 12

  • 1:40 aerobic effort

1.5 mi run to the base of The Incline, The Incline up & down (68% grade at some points) 1.5 mi run back to the car

Venue: The Incline, Manitou Springs, CO

  • 2:30 lacrosse practice (shots, shots & more shots)

Venue: Barton Lacrosse Stadium, University of Denver (home of the 2015 NCAA DI Men’s Lacrosse Program)

Monday June 13 – Saturday June 18

15 min lacrosse practice (fundamental stick work)

Sunday June 19

  • 5 mile bike ride – warm up

Sunshine State Games: 3000m run, 1500m run, 800m run

5 mile bike ride – cool down

  • 20 min lacrosse practice (shots on goal)


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