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XPT Team Malibu has been a vital part of the formulation and growth of XPT. Laird and Gabby have opened their home and their hearts to so many friends resulting in a community where people come to work out, breathe, heat+ice, and discuss fitness and life in a supportive, inspiring environment. The physical challenges are intense, as this is Laird and Gabby’s training ground. For Laird he trains not only for health but to create a muscular foundation capable of surviving the planet’s largest waves. For Gabby she continues to evolve as a fitness expert for not just women, but men and children through HIGHX.

The inviting, positive collaboration is what makes this group truly special, and the generosity of these gifted athletes provides inspiration to everyone who has the privilege of spending time with them. So from all of us with Team XPT Malibu, thank you Laird and Gabby!

Chris Gough, Orlando Bloom, Todd Thompson, Matt Pohlkamp, William Cawley, Darin Olien, Bart, Rob Garcia, Laird Hamilton,
Tim Ferris, Dave Anawalt, Brian Mackenzie, Wim Hoff, Brett Wyman, Hutch Parker, Star Faraone, Rick Rubin, Kenny Chesney, Lockwood Holmes Jr, Chuck Glynn, Margaret Hyde, Kelly Meyer, Simone Harrer, Frankie Harrer

Missing From Photo
Gabrielle Reece, Jenn Meredith, Don Wildman, John C McGinley, Jeff Sweet, Lisa Sweet, Becky Parker, Nancy Truman, Chris Chelios, Nate Heydari, Jeff Fleeher, Sara Ell, Janet Friesen, James ‘Jim’ Brolin, Joakim Noah, Mourielle Hurtado, Randall Wallace, Erin Cafaro Mackenzie, Adam Friedman, Craig Cooper, Tim Marland, Makua Rothman, Margaret Gough

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