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Wake Up To Water

Very cold mineral water with ice in a misted glass bottles, dark background, selective focus[/caption]Between SUP, surfing, swimming, and thermal contrast therapies – at XPT we love to get our bodies in the water. But with this week's XPT Challenge, we’re focused on getting the water in our bodies. 

Most of us aren’t getting enough to meet our baseline needs and account for sweat losses with exercise.  Nearly every physiological and biochemical process requires it and our athletic performance depends on it.  So, before breakfast or leaving the house, start every day of this upcoming week by drinking ½ to 1 full liter of room-temperature or warm water. 

Fluid requirements vary from person to person, but but this morning dose will help move you closer to your own unique daily volume goals.  XPT advisor Darin Olien even suggests adding a pinch of Himalayan sea salt for an electrolyte and absorption boost. 

So, wake up, drink up, and let us know if you notice changes in digestion, energy or performance (physical or mental) in a comment.   #hydrotherapy #aquaweek #wakeupdrinkup #sipallday #waterworld #xptlife

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