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Weekly XPT Challenge: Pack Home Made Snacks

Always in a rush with no time to eat throughout the day?  We get it.  Being constantly on the go, you have less free time and a stronger appetite than someone who is more sedentary.  Under these circumstances, convenience is less of an option and more of a necessity. 

Unfortunately, when we rely on coffee shops, convenience stores, vending machines or the office pantry for a quick fix, we pay three-fold. The price tag for our last-minute purchase puts a far greater dent in our food budget thanks to mark-up charges for service, packaging or pre-assembly. We’re also more likely to make indulgent food choices when our blood sugar is at rock bottom; therefore, we unconsciously consume more calories. The food we purchase on the go has more artificial additives and sugar than if we prepped meals or snacks in advance ourselves.

Our challenge to you this week is to focus on homemade snacks. The first step is to stop by the supermarket and stock up on portable, unprocessed, nutrient-dense items that you can easily store in the center console of your car, briefcase, purse or gym bag.

What snacks save you when your stomach growls and you’re on the go?  Share your favorites in a comment below!

#snackattack #saveyourwaist #fuelyourdaybetter #homemadehealth #noshortcuts

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