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XPT Challenge: Establish a Fitness Community

We’re back with a brand new XPT Challenge from Gabby Reece. This week’s Challenge is based on our philosophy of the XPT Community.

Fitness and wellness are not always about yourself. While you should always be learning and new information should be coming in, you should also be doing so as a part of a community; a fitness community.

Gabby reminds us this week that we are meant to be connected to one another and what better way to do so than through fitness.  Not only does this help from an accountability standpoint, you also learn from one another as well as teach one another. You grow stronger together as a community.

If you don’t have a community around your wellness, begin to create one, even if it’s just you and another person. And, if you are someone who has already established your own fitness community, can you take it a step further and bring something new to the group such as a new modality, a new book or podcast to rally around. The challenge is to bring something to contribute to your fitness community, so that again, you can grow stronger together.

Good luck and as always, let us know how it goes!

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