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XPT Tip of the Day: Reset Techniques

XPT Reset techniques are designed to be used after intense training, major events, competition, or other stressful situations.

Most people focus only on performing at the desired task, whether that means delivering a high quality work project or crushing a gym workout. What they miss is that after any intense stimulation it’s crucial to downregulate and bring the body and mind back to a rested state. This can take hours (even days in severe situations) to happen naturally, but we can design specific practices to “Reset” the nervous system and promote this calm, relaxed state. These Reset methods are primarily aimed at enhancing the recovery response, stimulating growth and repair, and downregulating the nervous system to allow proper adaptation. At XPT this includes a variety of downregulation breathing protocols, sauna and ice bath’s, and mindfulness tactics.

TRY THIS: after a stressful event, emotional experience, or intense workout, bring your focus to the breath. Focus on inhaling through the nose, deep into the belly for a count of 4. Hold the breath at the top for a count of 2, bringing the focus onto any tension/stress/emotions you are holding onto, then release that tension during a long, slow exhale for 8-10 seconds. Let the air release slowly through pursed lips like you were blowing through a straw. Repeat this for 3-5 minutes then check in how you feel. With practice you will be able to shift to this strategy automatically and RESET your mind and nervous system in just a few breaths.

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