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XPT Weekly Challenge: Front Load Your Nutrition

For most of us the mornings are a fire drill and there is limited time to put together a well thought out, nutritious breakfast. Lunch is usually sandwiched between appointments and meetings and snacks are grab-n-go, if at all.  Then dinner is usually the biggest meal of the day as we are finally able to sit down for a proper and hearty meal after we’ve wrapped up most of the day’s responsibilities.

However, an end-of-the-day feast might work against your best wellness intentions. Food is energy and providing the biggest energy push in the evening can wind us up when we should be winding down near bedtime. The GI tract fatigues just like the rest of the body and giving your system the most work when least able to manage poses difficultly for your digestion.

Current research suggests that large, late meals are less effective for your metabolism and that calorie for calorie early eaters achieve greater weight loss results.  With that being said, this week we challenge you to move your fuel forward. Rather than back-loading our nutrition into the latter half of the day, we are front-loading, eating earlier, or simply spreading our intake more evenly.

Have a strategy that works well for you?  Share in a comment below. 


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