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Deep Breath Walking

Here is a breathing routine to do while walking to either cool down from a workout or competition or to de-stress. Take a deep full inhale and slowly exhale but stop before you are completely out of air about 1/2 out. Repeat the deep inhale and 1/2 exhale while you take a walk for approx. 3-5 minutes.
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5 Responses to “Deep Breath Walking

  • Hi

    What about the Performence Breathing while running ? Are there any ? Can Performence Breathing extend my lungs performance just to be better runner ? Am I able to controll my puls while I'm running aka do faster runs with lover puls ?

    Best regards

    • Artur, your breathing pattern while running should have a rhythm that matches the cadence of your running.  We’d suggest trying to breath through your nose out through the mouth to moderate the excess tension that comes from mouth breathing when running (upper traps/shoulders).

  • Should it be mouth breathing only or should nasal breathing be incorporated?

    • Matthew, you should be able to incorporate both nasal and mouth together if not just the mouth.  The intent is to easily get lots of air in after a high stress or exercise routine that leaves you out of breath.  

  • Is this beneficial to implement between sets of exercises, for example between sets of chin ups or between rounds sparring BJJ or boxing. Thanks for the great info, just starting to play around with it

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