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Sports Breathing

Pre-training breathing for a workout or competition.

Here is an easy routine to do on your own or with your team before competition or if you do any form of fitness.
It will get you oxygenated, which increases your energy. Plus, it helps get you focused and ready to accomplish your desired goal.

Sit in a quiet place. Take slow deep breaths in and out for 90 seconds.
At 90 seconds take a last big inhale and hold your breath for 20 seconds.
At 20 seconds exhale slowly so that your exhale lasts 20 seconds in length. (You must control our breath)

Repeat this for a total of three cycles.

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8 Responses to “Sports Breathing

  • ignacio
    1 year ago

    Thanks for this Brian! The cycle is 3 rounds of 90s + 20s in & out? Or 90s + 3rds of 20s in & out? 


    • Ignacio, it’s 3 rounds of the full cycle including the 90 breaths.

  • How much time should the breathing exercises be done before the workout  or race?  What is the longest time optimum period between breathing exercises n a race?

    • Tom, there are lots of things to consider here such as time you specifically require for your warmup routine.  Maybe test times in practice starting with 1 hour before.  Then move closer or further from the time you start training after testing a few times to see what works for you.  

  • Joshua Thomas Rock
    8 months ago

    The video looks like he is breathing out and then holding for 20 seconds.. Are you supposed to hold the breath after breathing out or just breathe out for 20 seconds total? Thanks


    • Joshua you should exhale your air and hold without breathing in again for 20 seconds. 

  • "At 20 seconds exhale slowly so that your exhale lasts 20 seconds in length."

    Should the exhale take 20" or exhale and hold for 20". I'm a little confused.   

    • Once you inhale for 20, start an exhale that lasts for 20.

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