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Category: Experience Activities

PJ Nestler’s XPT Hawaii Experience Beach Workout

Ever wonder what really goes on at an XPT Experience?  Well, here’s your chance!  We’re giving you a sneak peek into one of the main portions of any Experience – the beach workout, for you to try on your own.  Below you will find a step-by-step guide to what the XPT Experience attendees went through on the beaches of Hawaii this December, as taught by our Director of Performance, PJ Nestler.

Yes, the beaches of Hawaii are amazingly beautiful, but the XPT Experience attendees were not there that morning to take in the surrounding majestic mountains, deep white, soft sand beneath their toes or the mesmerizing ocean spray or the smell of tropical flowers all around.  They were there to WORK!  And PJ made them do just that.

Check out Coach PJ Nestler’s Hawaii beach workout below and follow along to experience exactly what the crew went through on the beaches of Hawaii just a few weeks ago.  This is a unique opportunity to train exactly how the members of the XPT Experience did, without having to be there.  Be sure to take advantage of it and let us know how it went below!

PJ’s Hawaii Beach Workout

This workout is best done with a partner, for support and motivation, but also to time your rest. One person performs the exercises, then rests while your partner goes, and switch back and forth like that each round. If you are performing solo, time how long each interval takes, and give yourself equal amount of time to rest before starting the next interval.

Warmup 1 – Performance Breathing

Get your body warm prior to the workout by doing a performance breathing routine. (10-20 minutes)

Warmup 2 – Light Movement

Mark off 20 yards. Begin with 1 set of each of the following there and back. This warm-up should be performed breathing through your nose only:


High Knee Skips

Power Skips for Height

Running High Knees

Side Shuffle


Lunge and twist


The next section is done stationary, still breathing through the nose only:

Pushups x 10

Alternating Side Lunges x 10

Burpee & Stick (land soft and hold each landing in a squat position) x 5

Bear Position- Arm and leg lifts x 10

Bear Crawl- Forward & Backward x 6 steps each (slow and controlled to learn positions)

The Workout

Mark off approximately 25 yards (slightly uphill and on the sand like we did is bonus points!)

Perform the following exercises for 12-15 minutes completing as many rounds as possible WITH GOOD POSTURE AND POSITIONS. It’s important to remember that we are using movement to challenge positions and breathing capacity under fatigue, so quality of movement and control of the breath is the priority here. Poor quality reps will bring poor quality results.

10 Burpees- sprint to the marker (the ocean line for us) & Bear crawl back

*Rest while your partner performs the same interval (slow your breathing)

10 Pushups- sprint to the marker & sprint back

*Rest while your partner performs the same interval (slow your breathing)

10 Alternating Lateral Lunges- sprint to the marker & bear crawl OR sprint back

*Rest while your partner performs the same interval (slow your breathing)

Repeat starting back at the top with 10 Burpees.

Focus on slowing your breathing to recover while your partner works…or get in a good stretch like Mr. Ben Greenfield.

Complete as many GOOD QUALITY rounds as possible during the 12-15 minute time interval.
Bear Crawls are under rated…
When you are done, bring yourself back to a calm, controlled state for active recovery by performing some post workout breathing for 3-5 minutes. Then reward yourself by relaxing and taking time to reflect!

XPT – Swimming Training Program

XPT Water & Swimming Training Programs are where all three central components of XPT – Breathe, Move, and Recover converge to create a unique fitness experience. Pool training program is a big part of Laird and Gabby’s fitness routine and has evolved into an extremely scalable program that can be implemented for any fitness training level. Within this course, we specify and outline specific physiological adaptations that can arise from an XPT Swimming Training Program. These physiological adaptations result in major benefits that have been proven over the 30+ years of experimentation. These benefits are novelty, mental fortitude, breathing, and reduced injury risk.


Unless you grew up as a water sports enthusiast, water training provides a different kind of stimulus that challenges your body in a new way, forcing you to adapt. This is how we avoid or break through plateaus, create sustainable progress, and keep workout routines fun and engaging.

Mental Fortitude

The power of the mind in influence of the physical body is astounding and well documented in scientific literature. XPT Pool Workouts offers a rare opportunity to truly be in the moment and to detach from all of the noise that seems to distract us throughout the rest of our day. Repeating the practice several days a week can provide a tremendous amount of stress reduction.

Creating a practice for improving positive self-talk during moments of extreme stress or adversity can  not only improve performance in those tasks, but also lateralize into other aspects of daily life.

Breath Training

Focused breath training is a foundation of the XPT system and underpins many of the benefits of XPT Water Training. During many of the water workouts exercises, you will  perform apnea exercises (holding your breath), which can create a handful of beneficial physiological changes, while also learning to control and coordinate your breath with movement.

Lower Injury Risk

One of the biggest benefits of water training is lower risk of injury compared to working out on land. Due to the density of the water changing the influence of gravity, impact forces are significantly less in the pool. This lower impact on the joints and connective tissues allows people to perform ballistic and plyometric movements with reduced risk of injury. For this reason, pool training is commonly used during rehabilitation programs for athletes returning from injury. In our experience, athletes recovering from injuries have been able to perform movements underwater that they are not yet able to do on land, allowing them to work certain muscles that they were not able to utilize, and tax the body in ways that were previously inaccessible.


In addition to lowering injury risk, swimming training programs can also be a great method for recovery on days of active rest between intense workout sessions or after competition. As the water unloads a lot of the impact forces coming down during jumping and other underwater movements, most pool exercises are easier on the joints and safer than similar land based exercises.






When you attend an Experience, a discrete benefit is the food provided. Since our founders, Laird and Gabby, eat snacks, lunches and meals with the group, participants get to dine just like the founders. In addition to Laird and Gabby, you can find professional athletes and world class coaches sitting at your table readily available and happy to answer your questions and converse further about food choices and philosophies. So what does Laird eat? What does Gabby eat? What does PJ eat? Here is a look at the food and beverages you would be exposed to and consume at an Experience




We provide healthy carbs, proteins, and superfood hydration for those that need to refuel their tank before lunch or dinner (snacks for reference). Some people don’t feel the need for anything besides water, but those who feel they have reached their point of feeling empty are offered foods we feel have high quality nutrients and are made with high quality ingredients; a search we continue to explore and experiment with. Just like our fitness, our knowledge and experience with food is ever-growing and evolving, and we like to share our experiences with you.


NUTS | Macadamia, Almonds, Cashews serve as healthy fats that give you a satisfied, replenished feeling. A salty crunch is a favorite of Gabby’s. We love Royal Hawaiian Macadamia with sea salts – they never get old.

NUT BUTTER & FRUIT | An easy filling fuel is having a nut butter like almond or peanut butter on a banana. We like to have apples and bananas available throughout the day and these fruits go well with the nut butters. Yum Butter has an amazing line; their easy to pour pouches make it simple to serve and add to fruit or consume straight from the container.yum-butter

PROTEIN / PROTEIN BARS | It’s not easy finding hormone free, non-GMO beef, or chicken jerky, but since we discovered EPIC they have been an Experience regular.  EPIC makes animal protein bars as well as bars with berry and nut mixtures. Their products are made with hormone free, non-GMO, free-range animal protein as well as organic nuts and berries. These high energy, protein snacks always seem to be devoured the quickest of any snack we supply. Also, some of our coaches and participants are vegetarians, so we serve plenty of non-animal foods as you will see below.


POWER SMOOTHIES | For the sessions where we know people might have burned a ton of calories and need to refuel to make it through the next session before the next big meal, we provide smoothies that are high in calories. High in calories? Yes, high in calories. You see, our participants are highly active and burn so many calories each day that packing on the calories is a good thing, as it is what the body uses for energy. However, we make sure that our calories are high quality; for instance, the smoothies we serve are filled with superfood ingredients. We also like to serve Sunlife Smoothies during Malibu Experiences, as they are packed with a ton of nutrients that fill people up through the next meal.



COCONUTS | Fresh like Laird has them! Usually in the morning after heat/ice, coconuts are consumed. Coconuts contain electrolytes and are highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Coconuts are classified as a “functional food” because they provide many health benefits beyond their nutritional content.

KOMBUCHA TEA | Gabby has been consuming kombucha once a day for over 15 years. Kombucha is a tea-based beverage that is often consumed for its health benefits or medicinal purposes.

Kombucha is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the Kombucha culture. The result can taste similar to a mixtre of sparkling apple cider and champagne, depending on what kind of tea you use. The first recorded use of kombucha comes from China in 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty.  It was known as “The Tea of Immortality”.

LAIRD SUPERFOOD COFFEE | We start each day as a Team drinking Laird Superfood coffee. We typically provide the coffee mix to participants depending on the activities scheduled mid-morning or afternoon. Laird’s creamer formula has an intense mix of quality fats, vitamins, and minerals, that make coffee time delicious and nutritious.


VITAL PROTEINS | The all-round all star / Paleo friendly, Gluten Free, Hormone Free, Sugar Free – includes grass fed, pasture-raised bovine hide collagen peptides (in other words amazing protein benefiting your bones, muscles, skin, nails and more). 1-2 little scoops is all you need in water or any liquid. It’s very easy to consume and we all love it.

CHAGA TEA | We are spoiled having one of the best nutritionists in the world on our advisory team, Mr. Darin Olien. Darin guest lectures at each of our Malibu Experiences and makes his very own Chaga tea for participants to sample. When consuming, you feel like you are getting a dose of superfood health. Darin has traveled the world searching for superfoods and combines ingredients with incredible powers in his tea. You must try it!


ELIXIRS | Rarely do the founders drink liquids other than water, coffee, or teas but depending on the ingredients and specific needs, they will have an elixir. With these alternative beverages, we make sure they don’t contain high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, artificial colors or ingredients. They must be all-natural and low in sugar.

TURMERIC | Over the past several years it has come to XPT Founders attention just how effective and important adding turmeric to their diet is. Anyone who does research on turmeric understands its value. Some of the key benefits include promoting muscle recovery and helping minimize inflammation. There are ways to make homemade turmeric by adding it to juices, teas, and/or juiced shots. One amazing brand we discovered that makes it easy for those that don’t have the time to brew their own is Temple Turmeric. We love the methods of their farming, sourcing and flavor combinations; our personal favorite is Pure Prana Turmeric Shot. There are many other emerging brands like turmeric that are now a mainstream health product. Do your research and find out what’s best for you, but remember, everything in moderation.




We provide lunches that our founders would have on any normal day. An XPT Experience is not a luxury retreat where you may eat 4 courses and get a glass of champagne before you go lay by the pool after a massage. Our lunches are strictly used to nourish the body and refuel for afternoon activities. It is also a time to connect with the group, share stories, etc. Although nutritious and healthy, the food is always delicious. Ask anyone who has ever attended an experience!

The amount and type of food depends on the activities previously scheduled. We start around 8:00am, so we make sure people have enough fuel to get them to lunch, which is usually scheduled around 12:00pm.

Dinners are usually around 6:00pm and can be more formal than lunch. Sometimes we have time to change into fresh, clean clothes and sometimes not! We will advise participants to come prepared in the instance activities run long.

Here is a guideline for when the XPT Team orders meals for the group:

LUNCHES | 2 Protein Options / 1 Animal Protein, 1 Vegetarian – Salad and Sides

DINNERS | 3-4 Protein Options / 2-3 Animal Proteins, 1 Vegetarian – Salad and Sides

No bread and no desserts – however, if people want to order those items they can.

  1. Main Dishes (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish) – We choose restaurants that use fresh, lean meats

Prepared – usually baked, grilled, or steamed– topped with butter or olive oil, fresh herbs and spices

  1. Veggie & Grain Sides – Spinach, Green Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus / Quinoa, Lentils, Sweet potatoes

Prepared: grilled or steamed with sea salt, garlic, butter etc.

*Ollo’s in Malibu makes outstanding side dishes among other things.

  1. Salads – Leafy Greens mixed with goodness and an oil based dressing

* John’s Garden in Malibu makes the best salads – we highly recommend.


When on Kauai we order Wraps for one of the lunches (they are gluten free) Stuffed with protein and veggies – They are called corn meal Arepas made by Ally’s Cocina – a must have!

XPT TIP: There are small businesses all around us that make unique, healthy, great tasting food. Explore your neighborhood or research on Yelp before you travel so you make it easier on yourself to make good choices.

That is the breakdown for what you can expect to consume at an Experience.
We try to always introduce new foods and keep the menu fresh and delicious. There are many takeaways at the Experience and hopefully eating the XPT way is one of them, as we all have seen great results from this nutrition lifestyle. Ingredients, nutrients, wholefood, real food, variety, portion size, and timing is everything.

Please feel free to share a product with us. We are always open to finding new delicious and healthy foods…who isn’t!


XPT® Contrast Therapy


Almost undoubtedly the most unique aspect about XPT Experiences are the ice baths and contrast therapy. It’s difficult to explain to someone that has never done it just how good this feels. You have heard about it for ages how major league baseball players, professional football and basketball players use ice during their training regimen. Why do you think that is? Because it’s good for RECOVERY. Ice bath recovery can decrease inflammation, desensitize pain receptors and enhance muscular and cardiovascular recovery. The benefits of Ice have been studied and proven for years (ever hear of Wim Hof?). In fact, Russia has some of the lowest cases of cancer and they are known for their chronic use of ice bath houses. With that, we encourage you to learn about all of the physical benefits of ice therapy. We incorporate it into our Extreme Performance training system and you should too.


For some, this may be scary. If you are unsure if you can do this, we want you to know in no way do you HAVE to do this. Will you be encouraged? Yes, because we know that some of the MASSIVE benefits of the ice bath are psychological. If you are brave enough to try it for the first time, just know you will have team XPT right by your side helping you through it.  For those that do take the plunge, they often ask if we can incorporate it into the schedule even more.


The barrel is always full at the Hamilton house. Laird and Gabby fell in love with the detoxifying power of heat-saunas many moons ago. Their dear friend, Chris Chelios gifted them their first barrel sauna. An unusual gift, but if you know Laird and Gabby this was right up their alley. Aside from the serious beneficial effects the sauna has, good times and memories are made inside the barrel. This falls back on the Extreme Performance training philosophy – you must enjoy what you do, in regards to your active lifestyle, or it’s not going to last. Gabby just recently launched her own podcast, which is recorded in a sauna every time. “People tend to open up, break down and say things that they have been yearning to say for a long time but just never have” says Gabby Reece. XPT’s system of ice-heat-ice-heat is done at each Experience. Team XPT walks you through the system and the schedule in which to apply. They also relay other options for contrast therapy if you don’t have your own sauna or access to one.


xpt-ice-heat-2 xpt-ice-heat-3

High Intensity Interval Training Program

At XPT Experiences we do various workouts that encompass the XPT philosophy; workout in the gym, in water, and out in nature. We do a lot of functional strength training, primal, mobility, power exercises. We also advocate high intensity workouts for many reasons. Gabby has formulated her own high intensity interval training program called HIGHX.


This system was created for several reasons:

1) She loves strength moves; curls, lunges, deadlifts, squats
2) She loves compact get it done workouts (she's a busy woman)
3) She wanted to workout with friends to help encourage her to workout consistently
4) She wanted to do something she liked


HIGHX is tough, high intensity training program. It’s fast paced, it's loud, it's energetic, it will make you sweat within 5 minutes. It is designed to target the following groups: core, cardio, flexibility, balance, strength – all of these are included in every highx workout. The X stands for explosive. A few explosive exercises are incorporated as well to get that high intensity result, they are followed by a recover exercise to regulate your system and maximize the next explosive time.  


Because HIGHX is a great group workout we usually open this portion of the experience to the community. Giving back is really imporatnt to Gabby and Team XPT and we realize not everyone can pay the fee to join all three days. These sessions somehow feel a lot better to people when they see the person next to them working (or suffering) as much as they are 🙂


highx-2 highx-3


Performance Breathing™

At XPT Experiences participants get to do and learn all the things that make up Extreme Performance Training: and breathing is a big part of it. You might say what is the big deal about breathing? Once you become aware of what experts are saying about the effects of deep breathing it becomes clear why 'breathing' is so valuable (besides the most obvious reason). Alll XPT founders and advisors are constantly persuing health advances. Whether it be by reading and listening to lectures or by meeting with key influencers and Dr.'s to gain an understanding of their perspectives and teachings. XPT derived from years and years of practice, performance, and the constant exploration of the best training regimes and best supporting practices to ensure best outcomes. Performance Breathing is a huge compenet for success in the ocean, in the gym, and on the court for team XPT. 


1) When held under water in the ocean
2) When giving birth
3) When sprinting to a finish line
4) When trying to calm down in an anxious situation
5) When trying to boost energy
6) When lifting something heavy


A lot of us have been doing mini performance breathing routines without even knowing it. XPT Performance Breathing™ has gathered and combined specific patterns from various ancient methods to create adaptable routines for people to do on their own before, during, and after certain events. Such as Apnea breathing. This 1-4-2 system can be used for two ways; to calm down, or to oxygeneate. By following the pattern for an alloted period of time the body will adjust and produce the desired outcomes. Pranayama has been around for centuries. It is used to rev up ones system. XPT uses this system as a way to prepare for a workout or competition. By using this system to pump up the body XPT founders have gotten results that cause them to lift more, jump more, swim more than without doing this routine prior.


If you take a look at tv ads, sit coms, sporting events you will start to notice just how many people take deep breaths, fast small breaths, give deep sighs. All of these are in the 'breathing' family. Performance Breathing is a real thing. You can watch and practice our Performance Routines by following the XPT Daily Training on our website. Or you can come to an XPT Experience and 'experience' the systems in person and breathe with us!

Stand Up Paddle

Stand-up paddle has fast become one of the most popular outdoor activities in the U.S. and around the world. And not surprisingly so.
If you haven’t heard, when Laird and Gabby met in ’96, they lived in different states; Gabby in California, Laird in Hawaii. They agreed to split their time in each place.
While they lived in California (Malibu) from April-October Laird would entertain himself in the ocean without those ‘big waves’. Because Laird is part fish he still needed to spend every day in the ocean water. Swells are not freuqent in California so Laird would do short board surf, prone paddling, kite boarding, kyaking, body surfing but all of these grew uninspiring. Long story short he along with friend Dave kalama explored building paddles that would accomodate one if they stood on a board with no waves to propel them. A new ocean activity arose and Laird was off each day stand up paddling all up and down the pacific ocean from Malibu to Santa Monica and back. People would pull their cars over and try to figure out what that was out in the ocean. Shortly after … the evoluation of stand up began.


One of many reasons our experiences are different is the addition of a stand up paddle session. Laird is adamant everyone should experience the joy of ‘standing’ on water. There is something magical about being on top of water, it’s a whole other perspective. It can be a great physical workout, but it turns into much more. How do we begin to explain just how special an XPT sup session can be for a stand up paddle fan? Let us try:

1) You get to paddle with the guy who brought sup mainstream (Laird)
2) You get to stand up paddle in some of the most beautiful places in the world
3) It’s never NOT fun to be out in nature doing something different (in good conditions)
4) You are surrounded by people who want to have as much fun as you do
5) You are surrounded by some of the best waterman in the world
6) You can be a total beginner or sup racer, your level does not matter


Ironiclly our SUP sessions are not ‘workouts’. Though they my feel like it to beginners, they are just sessions that fall under our ‘nature training’ philosophy for XPT. Get outside, get out of the gym once in awhile, do something that involves fresh air. Yes standup paddling is considered a fitness workout to the masses, and routines certainly can be designed for such but for us we include it for the commraderie, for the nature connection, for our hapiness. It’s pure fun. Plus you get to drink coconuts right after. I mean what could be better than that??


You don’t HAVE to do anything at an experience. You are always encouraged to go at your own pace, lift your own preference of weight, and even step out of any activity if you don’t feel comfortable.
You can stand on the beach with our staff and take in the view, go for a walk if you prefer to skip an sup session. *Here is a true story for you. One of our recent particpants had signed up and was super excited to attend but a few weeks before she asked if she HAD to do the sup session as she really didn’t want to. We explained the above and she felt way better, her anxiety about it subsided. Fast forward to the day of the experience / sup session and who is one of the first to grab her board? ‘She’ was. She tackled her fears, felt so much support from the group she had just met and gone through a day of XPT with and decided to go for it. She was all smiles and had a great time. ‘She’ is 6 feet of sunshine as they say – Mrs. Keri Walsh Jennings.


Chief: Jeff Sweet
Wingman: Chcuk Glynn
Support: Gene Smith, Kurt Simpson, Mitch, Sam George, Travis


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