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Caffeine Check

Nothing beats a piping hot cup of coffee upon waking up, sipping on a pot of green tea as you tap away at your morning computer work, or an ice blended frap to breathe life up a busy afternoon.  But how much caffeine do you total by the day’s end? 

We often resolve in the New Year to limit ourselves to just one or two in the a.m. hours, but by midyear the caffeine creep has us racking up a handful of servings – sometimes from processed energy drinks, artificial pre-mixes, and excessively sweetened dessert-style products. 

In reality, certain forms of caffeine – like high-quality unrefined coffee, maca, matcha, and cacao – are loaded with anti-oxidants and therapeutic properties. Likewise, research suggests caffeine has numerous health perks – improved blood sugar control, athletic performance, mental acuity, mood just to name a few. 

But everyone’s threshold is different, and excesses of any stimulant can disrupt sleep, interfere with medications, or contribute to stress and anxiety. 

So, this week we’re tallying our beverages, choosing them wisely, and tapering as needed. 

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