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Micro-tweak Your Meals

Resources for meal plans & complete diet overhauls abound.  They offer attractive promises.  However, if the regime they recommend differs too drastically from our usual patterns, it’s less likely we can maintain it in the long-term. 

Here at XPT, we find that progressive evolution tends to be more sustainable than a complete nutritional revolution.  So this week, we’re focusing on one mini-thing per meal.  Each time you sit down, ask yourself, “How can I do this better?”  You might swap your soda for a water, switch your white bread to 100% whole grain, or just leave a bite or two of a too-large portion on the plate.  You choose what feels best.

By improving just tiny details of each meal, you get closer to eating better and feeling your best.  Leave us a comment to let us know what meal micro-tweaks you decided to implement – every tip shared helps the XPT family as a whole. 


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