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Shut Your Mouth

macro shot of human nose

This Week's XPT Challenge: Shut Your Mouth & Breathe Through Your Nose

Our mouths are designed for eating and talking.  Breathing is the primary responsibility of the nose. 

The mouth is available for backup when nasal breathing is difficult (such as during high intensity exercise) or impossible (when sinuses are congested).  However, we tend to unconsciously over-use the mouth – relying on it as a first – rather than second – line. 

Here's our XPT challenge:  This week, let's pay attention to our breathing modality.  As much as possible, button your lips and let your nose take the lead.  You’ll protect your airways with warmer and cleaner air, enhance full-body oxygenation, and even appreciate a natural calming effect.

If you have any fav nose-breathing tips or tricks for remembering to keep your trap shut, please share with us in a comment. 

To read more about XPT’s breath training, go here. 

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2 Responses to “Shut Your Mouth

  • Breathing in / out quickly and shallowly ( is that a word?) through the nose 30 times is a great way to clean out the crap and clear your nasal passages. Great way to prep for further nasal breathing. 


    Just keep a tissue neaby. 🙂

  • Cats and dogs turn in their bed to position themselves in the most relaxed way. The mouth is like a bed for the tongue and its favorite position is against the pallet. And when you feel it's against the pallet, you are sure to nosebreathe. Connect ! Hugx

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