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This Week’s XPT Challenge: Stand up

ergonomic. Height adjustable desk or table sitting and standing pose of a man. Saddle chair

We love SUP on the water (obviously). But this week we’re aiming to stand-up more – on solid ground. 

Endless hours at a desk, on the couch or in the car do little for your overall health.  In fact, prolonged sitting stagnates circulation and shifts our internal biochemistry toward weight gain and blood sugar dysregulation. 

The seated position compresses the GI tract, slowing digestion.  It also alters overall postural alignment and biomechanics – weakening your abs and glutes and tightening your hip muscles and shortening their range of motion.

So this week, get out of your chair whenever possible and as much as possible. It will support your XPT training and your body – inside and out – with thank you.  Let us know how you work-in your dry-land stand-up and unwind your body from the sit-down position in the comments below.  #standupeverywhere #switchpositions #unwind #stretchyourlegs

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