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XPT Challenge: Sweetener Free

Halloween is approaching and this month offers plenty of opportunities to satisfy your sweet tooth! So to pre-compensate, we’re making this week sweetener-free.

Yes, there are natural sugars from whole, fresh fruits. However, these also provide soluble and insoluble fibers, essential vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidant phytochemicals and digestive enzymes. So, we’re keeping them on the table. But we’re taking out the refined granulated sugars – like white, brown, raw – and the syrups – such as maple, honey, and molasses. We aren’t adding them to our meals and snacks.

We’re also keeping an eye on ingredient lists to make sure they aren’t added for us under disguise using names like “evaporated cane juice” “high fructose corn syrup” “malts” and “nectars.” Why? While there seems to be just trace amounts, the totals add up quickly – fluctuating our blood sugar levels, shifting our hormones and appetite cues, and even thwarting our efforts to maintain our waistlines. So, ready, set go!

Have any other helpful tips for finding hidden sugars on labels or favorite recipes that use fresh whole fruit? Share with the XPT community in a comment below.

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