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XPT Gym Training 01222018

LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced
FOCUS: Gym Training
DURATION: 40-50 Min

A: BREATHE  → XPT Sport Breathing

   Pigeon-Pose 2:00/side
   2 rounds of:
      5/5 Arm-to-Sky-Lunges
      25m Bear-Crawl
      10/10 Hip-Hurdles
      25m  Broad-Jumps  + Air-Squats
   Then 5:00 Easy Row / Assault Bike / Ski Erg (select one)

   Take 20 minutes to Find a 5 RM Front-Squat
   Rest 5:00 before D

   4 rounds of:
      15 Calorie Row or Assault Bike
      15 Stone-to-Shoulder (substitute power clean as needed)

   Roll-Out-Calves 2:00/side
   Couch-Stretch 2:00/side


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2 Responses to “XPT Gym Training 01222018

  • Can you explain the take 20min to find a 5rm?

    • Jon, you should use the full 20 minutes in order to scale your weight per warmup set to test your 5 rep max front squat.  As an example, I may start with just the bar, then have another 3-4 warmup sets increasing the weight each set.  That should take about 10 minutes.  From there, I would use the remaining 10 minutes to do 3 different attempts at 5 rep.  That should give you plenty of rest between your attempts.  

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