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XPT Gym Training 02032018

LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced
FOCUS: Gym Training
DURATION: 40-50 Min

A: BREATHE  → XPT Sport Breathing

   Pigeon-Pose-on-Box 2:00/side
   3 rounds of:
      5/5 Arm-to-Sky-Lunges
      5 Tire-Flips
      5 Squat-Jumps
      5/5 Ankle-Rolls
      100m Shuttle Run

   Front-Squat 5 x 3 (Heavy: Start at 5RM)
   Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets
   5:00 before D

   4 rounds for time of:
      10 Tire-Flips (Heavy)
      100m Shuttle Run
      25 Squat-Jumps to Tire (step down recommended)
      100m Shuttle Run

   Couch-Stretch 2:00/side
   Roll-Out-Hamstrings 2:00/side


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2 Responses to “XPT Gym Training 02032018

  • Can the Monday workouts be posted earlier in the day? I really enjoy these workouts (especially that they are free), but they are not always routinely posted. If there is a way to reconcile differences in time zone, XPT staff's schedules, etc. and still get these workouts posted earlier in the day or the night before, that would be awesome. 

    Thank you for what you do!

    • Hi Evan! Yes we will soon have a new and improved Daily Training system that will launch on Sunday nights to give you time to prepare. We are gearing this up for mid December along with a whole new website.

      In the meantime we will see what we can do to get these posted sooner.

      Thanks, Team XPT

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