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  1. Hi Gabby , 

    What is your recipe for the breakfast smoothie with frozed berries, maca,  bee pollen, and whey protein? Thanks!


    1. Hi Judy, I go through periods of time where I drink smoothies in the a.m. and sometimes in the p.m. or even skip a day. Laird is usually a regular smoothie drinker.

      Almond Milk
      Frozen Berries (Blueberries are a great choice)
      Protein of your choice (3fuel is a great brand) (Vital Proteins is a great brand)
      Healthy Fat of your choice (almond butter)
      Bee Pollen

      Adding a banana makes it super thick, it just depends on what consistency and nutrients you are looking for.

      We do love green veggie smoothies but usually do consume these type in-between meals: kale, spinach, carrot juice etc.

      Hope this is helpful.


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