Outside TV – XPT The Experience

Outside TV Presents XPT: The Experience

Legendary waterman Laird Hamilton, his wife Gabrielle Reece, and human endurance expert Brian MacKenzie illustrate the training methods around XPT Extreme Performance Training featuring XPT's unique Breathe/Movement/Recover philosophy.  The XPT Experience documents the XPT team and key participants as they seek to improve overall fitness that results in a better lifestyle.

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Laird Hamilton, Gabrielle Reece, Brian Mackenzie, Jenn Meredith Castillo,  James Williams, Brian Kirkbride, Mike Melby, Dr. Kelly Starrett, Dr. Justin Magers, DR. Andy Galpin, Adam Von Rothfelder, Darin Olien, Kenna Colburn, Chuck Glynn, Bryan Diaz, Jeff Sweet, Julia Ramirez, Tim Marland, Leanne McSorley, Simone Harrer, Tara Curan

Bill Romanowski, Julie Romanowski, Steve Wright, Kyle Kingsbury, John McGinley, Jamin Kerner, Justin Singer, Patti Contrasto, Christian Kloster, Forest Smith, Charles Thiel, David Daglio, Andy Boone, Gary Fleder, Paula Murphy, Gina Bradley, Jenny Oh