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Grass-fed Steak with Avocado and Spinach

This meal is as nutritious as it is easy to prepare. The combination of grass-fed steak with avocado and spinach creates a trifecta of powerful foods.

Grass-fed beef has less total fat than conventionally raised beef, while containing higher levels of the desirable omega-3 fatty acids.

Unlike most fruit, avocado is very low in sugar. In addition, researchers believe the avocado’s high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, coupled with its dietary fiber, contribute to its ability to improve your cholesterol profile.

And, get this—substances found in spinach known as thylakoids have been found to reduce hunger and cravings.

So, go ahead and get your healthy fill of this grass-fed steak dinner—and you’ll be truly satisfied. 

Olive Oil
Sea Salt

Cook or Re-Heat Steak
Cut out large spoonful’s of avocado
Steam or Sautee some spinach
Sprinkle with salt as needed

Yes, that is it! Bon Appetite!




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