16 Nutrition and Weight Loss Tips by Gabby Reece

By Gabby Reece | Sun Apr 03 2016

With the way the food world is set up, it’s no wonder we’re all reaching for too much of the wrong foods. That’s what inevitably led me to start the Gabby Reece diet. There are days when I would stop and look around and think to myself “there’s nothing to eat!”

Of course, this is an exaggeration. There’s always something to eat. But it does feel like you can get the ZAP no matter what food you eat—meaning, that ‘ZAP…wrong!’ feeling when you think you’re eating healthy, but it turns out you’re not.

  • How about this yummy protein bar? ZAP! These bars have tons of sugar and ingredients you can’t pronounce.

  • How about this low-cal frozen food meal? ZAP! Frozen meals often contain very little nutritional value and lack vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

  • How about this delicious low-calorie, ‘organic’ drink? It’s better than soda, right?

    ZAP! These drinks can contain 35+ grams of sugar, which equals tons of empty calories.

It can be hard to see the ZAP coming. And, it can be overwhelming if you’re trying to eat right and be healthy with little time, high stress, demanding taste buds, and a budget. So, what can a person do if they want to eat healthier and deal with those few extra pounds? My Gabby Reece weight loss approach takes into account the struggles our modern food industry presents us with. 

In short: Try to keep it simple and don’t get sucked into the nutritional black hole! Here are 16 ways to avoid the ZAP:

  1. Drink water only. Water is the best thing you can put in your body. The best part? No calories and great hydration make you feel amazing!

  2. If you love your coffee in the morning, keep enjoying it! But be mindful of all the “extras” that can add up the calories—creamers, sugars and artificial flavorings.

  3. Eat half of what’s on your dinner plate if it’s over-proportioned while dining out. Don’t be afraid to take half home.

  4. Avoid tons of processed foods. Not sure if it’s processed? Avoid things that can live on the shelf or in a freezer for years and years at a time.

  5. Try to prepare your meals and avoid doing too much or any microwaving. As a rule of thumb, if you’re making it fresh, it’s likely better for you.

  6. Unless you’re on the road, stay away from food you can get in your car by grabbing it through a window. In other words: No drive-thru food!

  7. Eat all colors of the rainbow every day: Green, orange, red, white, brown, etc. Mix it up. If your salad is just green add all kinds of colorful foods to complete a healthy diet.

  8. Eat for your body type. Figure out which way—high protein, 50-50, more veggies, etc.—makes you feel good and stick with it.

  9. Cut back on sugar, wheat (bread, pastas, flour), and white products in general (dairy and cheese). Cut these things out and you’ll see a difference.

  10. No corn syrup! It’s everywhere, but it’s not impossible to avoid! By drinking water and eating fresh food only, you’ll help yourself immensely.

  11. If you’re going to eat junk, eat the real stuff and enjoy it. Don’t eat fat-free or low-calorie foods. Do the real deal and make it a treat, not a habit.

  12. Don’t suffer. Get creative about eating healthy foods that don’t have harmful ingredients. There’s tons of information out there about how to prepare yummy, healthy recipes.

  13. Don’t stress about it! Stress ends up hurting more than anything you could eat. Stress is the unhealthiest thing you can do to yourself.

  14. Be mindful of snacking yourself into calorie overdrive. Eat mindful meals that fill you up and avoid too much snacking.

  15. Eat when you’re hungry, but don’t wait until you’re starving. This creates a tendency to over-eat, you’ll most likely grab the first thing you see (something that’s bad for you).

  16. Do it today! Why wait? You don’t have to do a total overhaul all at once. Take baby steps and you’ll get there.

Enjoying these weight loss tips from Gabby Reece? Stay tuned for more nutrition advice and weight loss tips, designed to be easy enough for anyone to follow and stick to. 

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