The next generation of Performance Training.

Breathe, move, and recover better than ever with the brand new XPT Life app.

XPT Life allows you to follow along with the best from it's Breathe, Move, and Recover training methodologies and features cutting-edge educational content from the XPT team of leading coaches and advisors.

Performance education from industry experts.

Videos, articles, podcasts, and more from our team of XPT coaches, advisors, and ambassadors.

Impactful Breathwork.

Over 70 XPT Performance Breathing® routines featuring the voices of Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece and the extended XPT team for improving sleep, training, focus, clarity, and performance, managing stress, and more.

Workouts for everyone.

A growing library of fun, challenging, and unconventional workouts curated from the many years of XPT physical experiences. Our diverse workout programming targets meaningful results through its alignment with the human body’s natural movement patterns.

Structured Programs.

Multi-week, goal-oriented training programs targeting critical areas like functional hypertrophy, mobility, strength, and athleticism.

Dedicated Recovery.

Active recovery techniques featuring stretching, Performance Breathing® protocols, and XPT’s ‘fire and ice’ protocols to help you take control of your recovery and get the most out of your training.

Impactful Nutrition.

Fuel your body for success with guidance, research, recipes, and more from XPT Performance Nutrition Advisor Dan Garner.

Cast to your TV.

Portrait and landscape orientation and casting support, allowing you to stream workouts to your smart TV.

Support for Apple Watch and HealthKit.

Apple Watch support, allowing you to monitor your workouts and breathing protocols, all from your wrist.

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