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Integrate XPT into your life with Breathing exercises and Daily Training, or follow a comprehensive fitness program designed by XPT coaches. XPT’s program introduces breathing, movement, and recovery plans customized for every situation that are easy to follow— empowering you to achieve your desired results most effectively. Try for free.

Explore XPT's Breathe, Move, and Recover fundamentals at your fingertips. Wherever and whenever, discover the tools that will not only optimize your overall health, but increase your performance and longevity.

Take a deep breath. We’ll guide you.

Experience Performance Breathing® with the new XPT App and experience the power of breathwork. Close your eyes, become aware of your breath, and allow one of XPT’s breathing experts to lead you through various breathing routines designed to help you reach new heights in your fitness regimen, concentration, and relaxation.

  • Breathe with XPT

    Tap into the capacity of your breath to discover health and performance benefits.

  • Free workouts at all levels

    Reach new heights that push human physiology and encourage essential adaptation.

  • Get social and connect

    Get tips, support and motivation to help reach your potential.

  • Expert guidance

    Learn from some of the strongest minds and bodies in sport, fitness and science.

Achieve peak performance.

Discover a high-performance lifestyle with the XPT App, rooted in cutting-edge fitness modalities that empower the human mind and body to achieve peak performance.

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