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Be Mindful of Mindless Eating

A big cause of being overweight is binge eating or mindless eating. It's necessary to eat when we are hungry, but it's not necessary to eat when we don't feel hungry and because it's a habit. So many of us eat little crunchy foods while watching TV or on the computer without realizing how many calories we are consuming.

Here are some tips to help combat these habits:

-Eat before you watch TV or get on the computer.
-Have a glas of water nearby when you do watch TV or get on the computer and reach for the glass instead. Water makes you feel full and can reduce your feelings of hunger.
-Make some hot tea. Sipping on hot tea may feel more satisfying than water and it arms up your system.
-Don't buy those little tempting foods.  Eat real food – meals, and get rid of the snacks.

If you did a big workout, your metabolism is running high, and your body wants to eat, then here are some snack foods XPT recomends:

-A nut butter with Apples
-Slice of Turkey

Ditch the little kid food and after awhile observe how you 'feel' not just 'look'.

Let us know how you do!

By Gabby Reece

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