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Coaching Tip: Breath Training Mechanics

Before jumping into XPT Performance Breath Training, it is important to ensure that your breathing mechanics are being exhibited properly.  XPT Performance Director, PJ Nestler shares two basic tips to help improve your breathing mechanics when jumping into your breathing protocol as it pertains to XPT Daily Training, other workouts, or simply every day life.

PJ’s two tips:

LAY ON YOUR BACK – When lying down flat, you are ensuring your spine is in a good, neutral position and you avoid all of the weight of your upper body, pressing down on your lungs and diaphragm, which can severely change your breathing patterns.

SLOW IT DOWN -By slowing down your breathing you have more ability to control all of the breathing mechanics that we teach at XPT.

Watch the clip to hear all of PJ’s tips on how you can improve your XPT Performance breathing and build upon your breathing protocol foundation.

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