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XPT Performance Breathing Course FAQ

Q: Who is this course for?
A: This course was originally designed for health & fitness professionals to improve the health, performance and longevity of their clients. Doctors, physical therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, performance coaches, athletes, military and first responders have all found the material to be extremely practical and able to use immediately.

We have also had school teachers, business executives, recreational athletes and people from every background who have found the course easy to understand and game-changing for themselves, their colleagues and family.

Q: Is there a time limit to complete the course?
A: Once the course has begun you will have 2 months to complete the course. The estimated duration to complete the material is approximately 15-18 hours

Q: Is this a live course?
A: This course is not live so once it begins you can complete all of the material at your own pace. You will have 2 months to complete all of the course material.

Q: If I’m an XPT Level 1 coach, should I take this course?
A: As a Level 1 coach, the majority of this material will be review from what you’ve seen in the Level 1 course. You are welcome to take this course as a review and to pick up some new material and coaching tips, but the bulk of the material you have already seen. (If you were certified between March 2018-October 2018 there is a significant amount of new material and reframed approaches reflected here)

Q: Do I have to be a trainer to take this course?
A: You do not need a training or medical background to take this course. While this material was originally designed for fitness and health professionals working with clients, we break down complex scientific topics into easily digestible bits so anybody can understand and benefit from the material. You will have plenty of time to review lectures and take the course at your own pace to ensure you leave with a firm grasp on the information.

Q: Regarding the XPT Breathing class (on-line), I understand that we have 2 months to complete to get certification, but my question is whether or not the classes will be available to view after the 2 month period? 
A: No you will not have access to the online course after 2 months but you will have access to the most recent version of the course manual for as long as you stay certified.

Q: Im looking at your Breathing Certification and was wondering with the CEU’s that are available (I am a NASM trainer) is there continuing ed with this specific certification that is necessary thru you or is it as long as I have my NASM cert than I would keep the breathing certification?
A: To maintain your breathing certification through XPT, there is a $100 annual membership fee. This provides access to the XPT Portal, coaches groups, educational resources, rights of a certified coach, and free access to the XPT+ App.

Q: What is the difference between your course and other similar breathing courses?
A: There are dozens of breathing courses out there, and a few of them are excellent. Our course differs from others out there in a few ways.

-Many courses are focused on one specific method or dimension of breathing, while XPT Performance Breathing covers the whole spectrum of breathing methodologies

-Performance Breathing is designed to provide the foundational principles to understand all breathwork practices so coaches can understand the why and not just the how that supports our techniques

-Performance breathing provides a simplistic breakdown of complex physiology allowing even the most novice user and advanced coaches to comprehend the principles and use the methods

-Performance breathing has an assess, correct, teach and adapt approach which provides the tools to scale and adapt breathing methods to every person’s needs instead of trying to fit every individual into a single methodology

Here is what other coaches, trainers, yoga instructors, and fitness enthusiasts are saying about XPT Performance Breathing

“The most comprehensive breathwork guide in existence”
“With my limited knowledge I feared the information would be over my head, but the simple breakdowns and practical applications made the information easy to understand and implement right away”

“This course has been an absolute game changer for myself and my clients. Every human needs to learn this information.”


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