XPT® Contrast Therapy

By PJ Nestler | Wed Nov 09 2016

XPT Ice-Heat

Almost undoubtedly, the most unique aspect about XPT Experiences are the ice baths and contrast therapy. It’s difficult to explain to someone who’s never done it just how good this feels! It’s something we recommend everyone try! 

Ice bath

Are contrast baths good for you?

You’ve heard about how major league baseball players, professional football players and basketball stars use hot tubs and ice baths during their training regimen. Why do you think that is? Because contrast therapy is good for recovery. Ice bath recovery can decrease inflammation, desensitize pain receptors and enhance muscular and cardiovascular health. Likewise, heat can soothe muscles and improve mobility and blood flow. Together, the benefits are complementary.

How to do Hot and Cold Therapy

XPT’s system of ice-heat-ice-heat is done at each Experience. Team XPT walks you through the system and schedule. They also relay other options for contrast therapy if you don’t have your own sauna or access to one.

How long do you alternate heat and ice? For newbies, it might just be 30 seconds apiece. For our hardened ice bathers, it might be upwards of a minute or two! It all comes down to how acclimated your mind and body are to the extreme temperature shifts.

Ice Bath Recovery

The benefits of ice have been studied and proven for years (ever hear of Wim Hof?). In fact, Russia has some of the lowest cases of cancer and they’re known for their chronic use of ice bath houses. With that, we encourage you to learn about all of the physical benefits of ice therapy. We incorporate it into our XPT Training System and you should too.

For some, dipping into an ice bath may be scary. If you are unsure if you can do this, we want you to know in no way do you have to do this. Will you be encouraged? Yes, because we know some of the major hindrances (and benefits) of the ice bath are psychological. If you’re brave enough to try it for the first time, know you’ll have team XPT right by your side, helping you through it. Those who do take the plunge often ask if we can incorporate it into the schedule even more!

Getting into an ice bath

Barrel Sauna for Heat

The barrel is always full at the Hamilton house. Laird and Gabby fell in love with the detoxifying power of heat-saunas many moons ago. Their dear friend Chris Chelios gifted them their first barrel sauna. An unusual gift, but if you know Laird and Gabby this was right up their alley!

Aside from the serious beneficial effects the sauna has, good times and memories are made inside the barrel. This falls back on the XPT training philosophy—you must enjoy what you do in regards to your active lifestyle or it’s not going to last.

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