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Courage & Perseverance: A Letter from Jon


Jon (center) takes on the kettle bell at the XPT Community Workout High X session

We had the pleasure of meeting and being a part of Jon' Dorwards XPT Experience journey from beginning to end. It started with a hesitant phone call.

'Hi, I am interested in attending an Experience but not sure if I am the right fit. I mean, I am not a pro athlete and I don't look like everyone in the photos.”

Jenn (Team XPT)  quickly explained that XPT is for everyone and anyone, and that we want to reach the people that don't think they can do it, that have doubts about their capabilities.

Jon said he would think about it. And after 2-3 more phone calls, he was in. 

Jon showed up a little nervous but all smiles.  As he went through the Experience, we could tell he doubted himself at times but he never backed out of any workout and he fit right in. He did the best HE could do and didn't compare himself to others. There is no time to judge at an XPT Experience, no competing, no figuring out who is best. It's all about what each person gets out of it, and, ultimately, what they take away.  Here's Jon's story…


Jon looks on during XPT Pool Training

Dear XPT,

Less than four weeks after leaving you guys at the XPT Experience, I had an emergency surgery. It was Colorectal Cancer.

Due to lifestyle changes incorporating more diet and exercise, I'd recently lost 25 lbs., so, my doctor could see that I was serious about improving my health.

But the best news came yesterday when I went back to the Doctor. 

I'd had a heart attack awhile back…a silent one…that would show up on every EKG for the past 5 years.  But it was gone! 
My heart regenerated. It’s just a big muscle, right?  Go figure.

Anyway, the results are back from the surgery.  Cancer?  Stage zero  I am in tune with my body now…I went in and they caught it!  

I am convinced the days I spent with you all changed and possibly saved my life. Especially the cold water immersions, the breathing, and Gabby’s high intensity workout where she helped me modify yet didn't make fun of me and she made me feel like I belonged.   

You guys seriously rock!  I am on to life’s next great adventures because of what I learned from you.  I may have flailed a bit here and there, but I did it. 

Thank you guys for including me! I love XPT! 


Our best memory of Jon was when he was at the beach. We caught him staring out into the ocean while he was drinking from a coconut. “Man” he said shaking his head, “I am really going to change my life. I have a whole new perspective. I am so glad I did this.”


Jon returning from the Stand Up Paddle Session

We are too, Jon.  Keep up the great work.

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