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XPT Experience Info

Looking for a team-bonding experience for your work place?  XPT offers customized workshops & active retreats for your office, school or gym.

One of the most impactful components of our XPT Experiences is the camaraderie that develops and continues on after the Experience is over. Whether your group is large or small, participants in our unique corporate workshops and retreats will find themselves opening up, becoming vulnerable, letting go of their egos, and pushing themselves farther than they ever dreamed possible. Because of our unique offerings and the physical and mental challenges we present, your team will come together as they test their own will power, and find increased confidence along the way.   

Experience Mental and Physical Challenges
Experience Unique Activities You Can’t Find Elsewhere
Experience Undeniable Support
Experience Inspiration from World Class Professional Athletes 

Experience Increased Knowledge from Top Health & Wellness Experts


What do you want to focus on?

We lead with the foundational XPT lifestyle techniques of BREATHE, MOVE & RECOVER.  But depending on the amount of days you want, we can work with you to plug in which XPT Features you want to make up your own Experience.

XPT Offers…

XPT Performance Breathing™ Sessions
Strength Building & HIIT Training
XPT Waterman Pool Training
Mobility Training
Recovery Education and Training with Heat & Ice

Nutrition Awareness Workshop Sessions
Stand Up Paddleboarding
Lifestyle Development
Connecting with Nature


 Choose your duration…

What are you looking to accomplish together?  XPT offers Experiences that are 1-3 days in length, depending on what you’re interested in experiencing together.  Contact us and we will work with you to design your group’s retreat to help you best-achieve your team-building goals.


Choose your location: Come to us or we can come to you…

Join us!  Team XPT is ready for you in Kauai (Nov-March) or in Malibu, California (April-Oct) .  Email us at and we can work with you to get it on the calendar.

Want us to come to you?  Here’s what we need…

1.  An Open Area

 We need enough space to accommodate the numbers of participants. If outside, you must have a tent available, if needed, for extreme sun or rain.

2.  A Classroom or lecture space

We bring in the experts on a range of subjects, based on your needs.  Our lectures are thought-provoking, inspiring and require a quiet area with chairs for participants so they can get the most out of their journey with us.

3.  A Pool

If you want to have your group experience XPT’s unique and ground breaking Waterman pool training, we must have access to a swimming pool with a minimum depth of 5 feet, and using weights in the pool must be allowed.

4.  Heat & Ice

If you want your group to learn the fundamentals of XPT’s recovery program using heat and ice, you must have access to a sauna that can accommodate 10+ People and access to ice (we can provide ice tubs).

5.  Local Natural Surroundings for hiking or cycling or stand up paddle boarding

At XPT we feel that we are our best selves when we are connected to our environment outside in nature.  We would love to see what your area has to offer with access to local hiking or biking trails and by hiring local guides to help us out.  Stand Up Paddle boarding can be done in the ocean, on lakes or in rivers. If this is of interest to you, we will happily provide our XPT Elite Stand Up Paddle boarding Crew or we can hire a local crew for boards and guides.


Ready to book?

Let’s get started.  Contact us at  for more information.

Register Now