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Darin Olien and Chaga Tea – Chaga, The King of All Mushrooms

If you come to an XPT Experience and Darin Olien is guest lecturing as an XPT Advisor he will most likely make you his famous chaga tea! Loved by all of Team XPT, chaga tea has some incredible ingredients that make up this king of all king mushrooms. Darin has spent years searching for unique, dense nutrients around the world, and this chaga mushroom tea has many.

“Making chaga tea a frequent (or even daily) part of your health routine can boost your health in many different ways! Here are some of chaga’s secret health benefits that will have you drinking it every day!” Darin Olien

A Few Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

-Contains a high Level of Anti Oxidants & Variety of Vitamins and Minerals
-Is an Immune System Booster & Calmer
-Contains Melonins / Which helps Increase Vitamin D Production

“Studies have shown that drinking chaga tea offers not only protective effects against cancers, but may even help to combat tumors.”

For more info on Darin and HIS tea recipe visit SuperLifeLiving

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