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Eat Your Sunblock

Overhead horizontal of fresh orange toned vegetables and fruit raw produce on white rustic background, pumpkin butternut carrot papaya pawpaw capsicum pepper sweet potato cherry tomatoes chilli orange

Time to eat your sunblock.

No, you don’t need to swallow a squeeze from your tube of topical sun lotion. But you can choose foods that offer internal skin protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Vitamin-A rich foods offer photo-protective benefits by increasing the thickness of the deeper epidermal layers of skin. This can actually cut large percentages of inflammation and redness from sunburn reactions as well as reduce risk of skin cancer.

Which foods to choose? Here are a few options potent animal sources of vitamin A:

Pasture-raised free-range eggs

Milks and butters from organic grass-fed cows

Cold-water fish

Then try some plant-based foods with carotenoid pigments

1. Orange betacarotenes:carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin

2. Light-green luteins: kale, spinach, avocado

3. Bright red lycopenes: tomato or watermelon

Share your ideas on how you plan to SPF your diet in the comments below & enjoy the sunshine.

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