XPT Experiences

Join surf legend and innovator Laird Hamilton and former professional athlete Gabby Reece + the XPT Team on a 3-day ultimate fitness adventure. Learn the complete XPT Breathe. Move. Recover. Curriculum through XPT's Performance Breathing® program, pool training, gym training, nature workouts, ice-heat therapy and recovery.

Benefits of attending…

No matter where you are in this moment of your life, physically and mentally, an XPT Experience will give you the tools to build a stronger, more empowered and confident self. Whether you are already familiar and comfortable within this space, or are looking to push your boundaries and learn something new, an XPT Experience will prove invaluable to your overall growth. Through the leadership of some of the strongest minds and bodies in sport, fitness and science, you will learn why and how to implement XPT's Breathe, Move, and Recover curriculum into your every day life and leave feeling like a new person, equipped to take on whatever life presents.

Who will be there?

Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece are the headliners at an XPT Experience. They will serve as your ultimate coaches and mentors, teaching and guiding you every step of the way. And because it's extremely important to us that every new tribe member feels comfortable, a highly experienced team, including our Director of Performance, PJ Nestler, certified XPT Coaches, and XPT Ambassadors, will be on-the-ground providing hands-on support the entire time. There will also be a special XPT Advisor present who will lead an educational lecture specific to his or her trade.

What's the difference?


Breathe. Move. Recover. With the XPT founder themselves, surf legend and innovator, Laird Hamilton and former professional athlete, Gabrielle Reece for an exclusive hands-on, three-day luxurious fitness vacation at a partnered resort.

  • Led by Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece
  • Hosted three-day tropical adventure
  • Learn the complete Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum


Adapting XPT breathing, training and recovery methods into your daily local health club routine is the key to your everyday success. Led by XPT Certified Coaches and Advisors, get 1-on-1 instruction or guided group training on your chosen XPT practice to advance and maintain optimal fitness.

  • Led by XPT Certified Coaches
  • Locally hosted by an XPT Affiliate for a duration of 4-6 hours
  • Select and focus on what you want to learn within XPT’s Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum