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Gabby’s Holiday Weekend Survival Tips

All right, it's time to blow off some steam and hit some summer parties.  Hey, parties are a good thing if you can just manage them and not get beaten up by late nights, crappie food, and too much booze.  It's a drag to roll into the following week feeling "fat," and hung over.  Not exactly the energized, go get em' attitude to tackle the fresh start we were looking for.  You have to be a party master and come out the other side feeling like you just danced your butt off, laughed, and got to hang with people you don't normally get to see.  Here are a few survival tips for this year's 4th of July Holiday Festivities:

1.  Eat before you go out. Not only will you not get as drunk, but this will keep you from eating 12 mini burgers or little fried finger food wonders.  Make a point of eating something healthy to give yourself a head start.  You're already going to a party so be diligent before you go let it loose.

2.  Go to parties where you know you're going to have fun, and like the people. Don't be afraid to say "NO" to an invitation.  You will do more talking, laughing and dancing then drinking to escape the people you are trying to avoid.  Unless it's work, try to remember that a party is supposed to be fun.  Not another Holiday "obligation."

3.  Don't stand near the bar or buffet table. Avoid creating a situation where you are mindlessly eating or drinking.  If you're that bored go hang with someone you enjoy or leave.  Don't force the fun.

4.    Drink water in-between each drink. You will get less drunk, and since you are staying hydrated you may avoid the headache in the morning.

5.     Go cut a rug.  Let it fly.  Even if you don't love dancing go get your groove on.  Keeps you away from the food, hard to drink when you're busting a move, and you can blow off some steam.  The dancer who has the most fun wins, not who looks the best.  Believe me no one cares how anyone else dances.

6.    Don't stay too late. Nothing good happens late.  Get in, have some fun, and know when it's time to go home. Believe me, you won't be missing anything.

7.     Use the party to reconnect with you. We play so many roles in our lives (Moms, wives, executives, Dads).  Forget that.  Just go be your hot self without all the labels.  It's important to take advantage of situations that we can remind ourselves who we are. 

8.    Ladies, dress in a fitted outfit.  That's right, this will encourage you not to grab every little morsel that passes your way.

9.     Drink water before bed. Even though you have been drinking water all night make sure you get some more in before you hit the hay.  I even take my vitamins before I go to sleep.  You never know where you get a little extra help from.

Have fun and enjoy the journey.


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