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Get Some Herb

This week XPT is buzzing about herbs – the controversy-free kinds found in your local supermarket – like parsley, dill, oregano, basil and cilantro. 

We often sweep through the produce section dropping spinach, kale, and romaine into our baskets and brush right past the fresh herbs.  Well, these oft-overlooked members of the leafy green family are not to be underestimated.  Fresh herbs pack equal (sometimes greater) amounts of the valuable muscle and bone-supporting minerals iron, calcium and magnesium. Thanks to their vibrant emerald pigments, they also contain the potent phytochemical chlorophyll (parsley especially) which can clear away toxins in the GI tract and counteract harmful free radicals once absorbed within the body.   To boot, fresh herbs impart nature-made flavor to any dish, sans synthetic additive or salts. 

Not sure how to use them?  Stir oregano into your pasta sauce. Add basil to salads and sandwiches.  Press parsley along with the other veggies in your next juice.

Have a favorite tip for working herbs into recipes? Please share with us in a comment. 

#freshisbest #herbalremedy #foodismypharmacy #plantbasedplate

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