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XPT Experience Info

Gina Bradley

The XPT Experience from a Diva’s Perspective.

The XPT Experience will change your life in the most positive way. If you don’t take three days to detach from the world around you and tap in, you are cheating yourself. From the moment you meet Laird, Gabby, Brian and their team of coaches, you are so accepted and encouraged that you feel like a child again learning to walk. There is such a camaraderie and team spirit infused in every second throughout the days that you come out a different person on the other side.



I own a business that is a stand up paddling business called Paddle Diva, located in East Hampton NY. I was honored, when I was asked, to host the team for the standup paddling session in Montauk last summer and then to participate in the rest of the experience. I was so inspired and rejuvenated by the three days, I wanted to go back and try it again on Gabby and Laird’s home turf of Malibu one month later. The Malibu experience left me wanting more! The pace, energy and excitement of the three days kept us all going and so happily engaged. The XPT Team has amassed some of the most interesting and intelligent participants, fitness leaders and speakers. It seemed like at the end of each session I would walk away with more actionable information on how I can better my life, vitality and physicality right in that moment.



The days are structured so there is nothing you can’t do and you are encouraged to work in your comfort zone and never chastised if you tap out. Whomever is leading you be it Gabby, Laird, Brain or some other professional athlete you feel like you are one of them. Their ability to keep you engaged and inspirited is something I have only experienced here.


The best part of the XPT, especially for a woman, is that the egos are left behind. It’s so refreshing to see the vulnerable side of these powerhouses and it’s a great exercise for us as participants to learn humility, acceptance and camaraderie no matter what your level of ability might be! My most favorite parts The XPT Experience are hard to pick, from one day to the next I would wake up feeling like I was 8 years old and it was Christmas morning!


The activities that I find I crave more of are the pool work, Gabby’s HIGHX work out and the mobility breathing.

-XPT WATER: As a ‘water baby’ I love learning how to use my mind and my body to accomplish swimming and moving underwater using weights and unique swim strokes. For someone who does not love swimming laps, this was the ‘ah-ha’ moment to how I can do workouts in a pool without going mind numbingly bored.

-HIGHX: Gabby’s HIGHX work out is something that anyone and everyone who likes to go to a gym, train or do any kind of class workouts must experience. First, Gabby is one of the best leaders and teachers I have ever trained with, her ability to command the class and keep everyone working hard is the most powerful experience. The work out is also so manageable and you are with the entire group of men and women. You end feeling a true sense of camaraderie.

-MOBILITY BREATHING: Brian, an integral part of this triumvirate. He can be quieter but he is no less powerful. He has such a depth of knowledge about mobility, movement and how to preform at your optimal level no matter what your level is. Laird, is so affable and genuine that after decades of being awed by his feats to be given this opportunity to listen, learn and train with him, is invaluable.


The XPT Experience is something that everyone should do, at any level. It was the most life changing experience for me, as a life time water woman, athlete, business owner and mother/wife. The XPT Team made me responsible for how hard I worked (or did not). This training was about me, not my trainers. That is so refreshing. This is a great transference of power and gave me such a personal freedom and true ownership of doing what is right for me to live my healthiest and happiest life. You will see me at as many of these experiences I can be a part of, and most importantly, I can’t wait to meet YOU! One critical part of The XPT Experience’s power is due to you, the participant. See you there!



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