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Glamour or Sweat, Perfection or Health

I was in a meeting with a great woman executive one day in New York City, and it dawned on me about why some women don't want to workout. We are so busy trying to "keep it all together" that the act of working out is a bit of an "unraveling" process. I mean you have to change clothes, get all sweaty, take a shower, redo your makeup and hair, and it's not just about the workout but the EXTRA work to workout.

Who needs it? You're already trying to keep yourself together, your kids moving too all of their activities, food in the fridge, laundry clean, house dialed, get to work, and find some loving time within all of that. Whew, no wonder exercise is one of the first things to suffer, and get blown off the list.

Is it worth it? I mean in an attempt and a desire to "keep it all together" is it worth foregoing YOUR health? I know it's an extra pain in the butt, but isn't it important to try and figure out away to get the training in even if it means blow drying your hair again?

If we as women have grown up dealing with sweaty clothes and hair it's not such a problem, but if you haven't it can be a foreign situation to figure out. So I get that a part of exercise goes against your innate drive to keep all things tidy and together, but EVERYTHING else will be EASIER if you feel good. Not to mention you will have more energy if you find time to exercise.

Is it ever really perfect or all together anyway? May as well get a workout in.


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