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Go for the Gold

For the love of Turmeric…

Born underground and easily overlooked in the supermarket produce section, the turmeric root deserves priority placement in your grocery basket and a standing role in your daily diet. 

Why?  Peel away the outside skin and you’ll find a brilliant yellow meaty flesh – thanks to the plant-based phytochemical pigment called curcumin.  This compound is big on color and a recovery goldmine for daily wear and tear or the demands of sport training. 

As an antioxidant, turmeric aids in head-to-toe cell repair.  As an anti-inflammatory, it alleviates discomfort and protects against tissue injury (with joints especially).

Add it to coffee.  Run it through the cold-pressed extractor for juices and shots. Use ground turmeric in soups, marinades and curries.  Got a tasty turmeric recipe?  Please share – we can’t get enough…

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