Healthy Habits, One Day at a Time

By Gabby Reece | Wed Mar 01 2017

More often than not, creating a lifestyle change doesn’t start with a healthy habits list, a day at the gym or a new diet. The real beginnings of change start inside your head. But fostering the decision to change isn’t always easy—especially when life gives you so many reasons not to stick with something. Take the back-to-school season for parents, for example.

I’ll admit, back-to-school can be a stressful time and one of the most difficult for maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. It’s hard getting back a on a schedule: packing lunches, taking baths, meeting bedtimes, etc. Contemplating another school year down and the new one in front of us is always a catalyst for family craziness! And, on top of everything, it can be hard doing the things you love—like finding time to exercise—when there are so many responsibilities that come first. 

Faced with all this, I tend to get a little blue, myself. I get that ever-so-self-indulgent “what’s it all about” attitude, and have just enough time to really bathe in all of my questions. Why am I not automatically grateful? How come things become a burden vs. an opportunity? 

I know it’s cliché, but it’s for a reason. Because it’s true. 

When out of whack or under stress, I see more of an opening to not take a positive perspective. Getting down on myself and being negative are just easier. There’s so much else demanding my energy that it becomes easier to become negative than try and be positive or keep good health habits. It can get bad—even down to saying “ugh, I have to make dinner tonight.”

But this is where it’s important to catch yourself. It’s where I give myself a mental shake and say “hey, let’s be positive about this.” So, this is where I’m going to slip in the exercise and eat healthy. And this small, positive decision ends up going a long way. 

I see that when I’m exercising regularly and eating well, it’s easier for me to maintain my good perspective. Thanks to a healthy perspective, healthy food, and a healthy body, I’m reaping the benefits of endorphins—not riding a rollercoaster of sugar or caffeine highs. My peaks are higher and my lows aren’t so low, and my mind functions better. My emotions come from my brain, and my mind is a part of my body. It’s all connected—a simple decision to change my perspective and do something healthy creates a positive feedback loop.  

The same goes for working out. Are you fortunate enough to have an able body to move? Well, then let’s not complain about how boring it is or that there’s no time! Let’s get fired up that we can. Food? How wonderful that we have so many choices!

Why not make some good choices that will serve us, our lives, and our bodies? No victims please. I want you to see if, for one week, you can see the upside in everything and how it can help you with all things in your life. Embrace healthy habits living, even when it takes a little extra energy!

Written by Gabby Reece

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