How XPT Breathwork Helped Me Through Trauma

By XPT Life | Tue Oct 18 2022

I am XPT Coach Tim Lozinik. This is my story of how XPT Breathwork helped me through trauma.

Breathwork and the mindful daily practice of it helped me navigate some health issues and adversity I was having back in 2018-2020. At the time I was a professional firefighter of 15 years and I’d found myself facing a challenge of severe IBS and PTSD. My road to well-being was long and required lots of help, learning many new tools and skills. As I started to implement daily practices that influenced me in a positive way, breathwork quickly became a powerful tool for me. Being able to divert sudden fight-or-flight responses into calm and collected spaces with simple breathing protocols helped me eliminate pharmaceuticals which were causing more issues than helping. Ultimately I was able to learn a better version of myself. Facing a mental health challenge, especially one that altered my life completely, was dark and devastating. I am so thankful for breathwork protocols and training I acquired through XPT, for it has helped bring me into alignment with myself. Seeing and feeling the progression in a positive way was incredibly empowering for me. I’m thankful for where I’m at now with the healthy state I’m in. Recovery from trauma involves the restoration of executive functioning and with it , self-confidence and the capacity for playfulness and creativity.

Tim's breathwork practice was crafted through the XPT Life app. No matter if you are dealing with trauma or looking to optimize any aspect of your life, breathwork can guide you on your way. You can start your journey in XPT Life here.