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It’s About Food, Liquids, and Working Out Dynamically

The more I read and continue to study methods of effective training, weight loss and weight management, the more I am convinced that it is better to train for shorter periods of time dynamically. The other fact that has made itself known to me over and over again is, IT IS ABOUT THE FOOD WE EAT AND THE LIQUIDS WE DRINK. I add the liquids because most of us take in about 20% of our calories through our drinks.

On one hand, this makes it harder because we can't get away with just pumping it on the treadmill, or 'vegging' out to TV while riding a stationary bike, all the while expecting the pounds to just fall off. So much time is wasted training this way, and, for most of us, a pile of unreached goals. The GOOD news is that you can actually do more for yourself and your health by training for a shorter period of time more intensely. Everywhere I turn, I hear people talking about how they "don't have enough time" to train, so this is right up solution alley. What kind of training is the way to go? Obviously everything needs to reflect one's fitness level. I'm not suggesting you go out to the track and start picking competitions with the local college track star when you have been pulling down 40-hour plus work weeks for the past 10 years, and raising a family. I get it, so it's about working hard defined by what is hard for you. For example, instead of taking up jogging for miles and miles do a walk/spring (or jog) scenario. If you have 15-20 minutes, you can grab your music and set up a mini course right by your home, where you walk for 15 driveways and then sprint/jog for 3. You can repeat this for the time allocated and, voila! You have accomplished a productive workout. If you live in a cold place and are doing indoor training after a 3 to 5 minute warm up, start sprinting every 90 seconds, sprint on your treadmill or bike for 20-30 seconds. You will be amazed how quickly the time passes.

If you are open to adding weight training, take the same approach. Pick 4 to 5 exercises that you execute for time or reps, then on to the next. None to very little rest until your mini circuit is complete. Once you have gone through a round, take a swig of water and off you go for the next round. Try to complete at least 3 rounds, you can get all of this done in about 15 to 18 minutes. Who can't find that kind of time?

Let's not lie, FOOD is the most difficult and complex part of the equation. So much is connected to food, why we eat, what we are looking to feel when we eat, and all the misleading options out there. Honestly, the more I look around, the more I see our world as a set up to be food addicts and junkies. Just like our workouts, it's better to have small, consistent meals throughout the day. For starters, don't skip breakfast, since this leads to a tendency to overeat during the day. Eat foods that seem as real and from their natural form as possible. Avoid fried, processed, and sugary foods. Sugar is the killer. Sugar is everywhere and in everything and will get you and your health on so many levels. It creates a big waste line as well as inflammation in the body. Stick to water. See if you can only drink water for a month and tell me how you feel. No, you don't have to give up your sacred cup of java just try to cut back on all the foamy latte, super mocha over the top finishes. If you really need the coffee, best to just go with a straight up espresso.

It does not take hours and hours to improve your health or reach your goals. It takes a few better choices, a consistent commitment to movement, and lowering our stress l evels where we can. Write up your goals, commit to them, map out a strategy to achieve these goals, believe that you can do it, and get going.



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