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Laird Hamilton’s Favorite Post-Workout Meals

You killed it in training, now it’s time to make sure you reward all that hard work by giving your vehicle the good fuel it needs!

You have heard a million times to feed your body necessary nutrients 30 to 60 minutes after training. Your muscles are in need of supplements like protein and amino acids to aid in muscle growth and recovery.

Most people need something to consume after working out that isn't breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Typically their recovery meal falls into a gap that would be considered ‘snack time’. Instead of looking at this meal as a snack, look at it as a mini-meal.  Make sure you have a protein, a good fat, and healthy carbohydrate represented on your plate.

Mid Day ‘Snack’
If you are on the go, stop for a quick a smoothie or protein shake at your gym. If your gym does not have a cafe, come prepared with the ingredients packed in your bag. A mixing shaker is key to keep with you as you can easily whip up a protein shake on site. Just mix unsweetened almond milk and protein powder together for a quick boost. If you are unable to keep almond milk cold in a cooler bag, mix the protein powder with water. If you are consuming whey protein, make sure it's an isolate and not loaded with junk.  If you have the urge to chew something, we suggest keeping an apple on hand as this should get you through to your next meal while replenishing your body.  

This is just one example of a post workout meal Laird likes. If in season, Laird will surf or foil up to six hours a day! It’s questionable whether or not the Jet Ski or Laird and his teammates run out of fuel first. After a long surf session, Laird is eager to replenish his body with a mini-meal; below are some additional ideas for you to prep after a hard workout.

Laird’s Morning Mini-Meal
Eggs with Veggies and Especially Avocado 
This meal is a good source of protein and healthy fat.  Examples of good carbohydrates to go along with this protein and healthy fat are: veggies, fruit, quinoa or brown rice.  

Tuna or Chicken with Brown Rice
A scoop of tuna or organic chicken with veggies and brown rice is a great post workout meal.  

Healthy Leftovers
Another great way to have a quick, easy mini-meal is to eat leftovers from the night before; assuming you follow the protein, healthy fat, healthy carbohydrates for dinner time as well!  

If dinner the night before is something you could stomach again for your post-workout-meal then throw it in a container and off you go.  You not only saved yourself some money, but it will encourage you to make healthy dinners as well. Remember, we are not talking about a giant amount of food, I am talking about a snack-sized serving.  Think about it almost as if you were eating like a child.  All the food types are there, just a lot less of it.

If you are going to work hard, give yourself and your body the nutritional love it needs and deserves.  Whenever you can, work with yourself.

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