Laird on the Power of Breathing to Succeed

By Laird Hamilton | Wed Nov 11 2015

There’s no understating the power of breathing and the importance of breathing properly. Check out the video below to see Laird explain the power of breath and the science of breathing as he sits down for an interview with Lewis Howes for his School of Greatness podcast.

Before the interview, Laird led Lewis through a complete XPT session: a water-based workout and strength training, followed by therapy with heat and ice. All throughout the workout, Laird focused on breathing routines—the relationship between breath and energy—which is explored in this interview.


  • Your breathing is connected to your spirit

  • Master your breath and you master the strength of 10 tigers

  • Oxygen fuels every cell in your body

  • Camaraderie vs. competition

  • Preparation to get in the zone—how you eat, sleep, and focus

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