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Laird’s Holistic Workout & Nutrition Guide for Men

Being healthy is no easy formula, but you can make it so it’s not unattainable. We do know by research and facts that exercising versus not exercising is better for your body. It’s what our bodies were designed to do. We also know that the food we consume has an effect on our bodies function, performance, and appearance. Most importantly exercising and eating right makes us feel good, great in fact. So why do we make it so hard to choose to exercise and eat right?

Temptation, Peer Pressure, False Information, Access, Affordability

We can come up with all the excuses we want to deter us from exercising and eating healthy. But why do you want to? I choose to set those excuses aside and just exercise and eat right every day. I do it for myself, and for my family.

Here’s My Holistic Workout & Nutrition Guide for Men

Morning Ritual ~ Coffee, Smoothie & Workout
I highly recommend starting everyday with a workout and good nutrients. Because I workout my consumption of calories is on the high side. Calories are a blessing to me; they give me energy and fuel me. I make sure my calories come from clean food sources.

Whey Protein plus coconut milk, bananas, greens, omegas, flaxseed, and ice.

Everyone needs omegas for healthy heart and …
Everyone needs greens for antioxidants, and minerals
Men especially need flaxseed for their prostate
Even though the greens contains enough fruits and vegetables I like the consistency bananas provide, it tends to thicken the smoothie.


My workouts usually run for 2-3 hours. They consist of strength training and cardio vascular training like the ones posted on I do gym workouts (weights, body exercises) pool workouts, and cycle on the road and mountain.
Because my smoothie has a lot of calories I make it through these workouts with plenty of energy.

I realize most people don’t have the luxury of training this long and a 45-60 minute workout is ideal.
The more ingredients you add to your smoothie the more calories, and the more servings etc. Find out what proportions work for you, your goals.
If you want to gain muscle, add an additional scoop of protein
If you want to slim down, cut down on the fruit and use water instead of coconut milk.


I always eat a large lunch that has a protein and heavy vegetables.
Examples of my meals are;
Eggs, Black Beans, Onions,Peppers
Rotisserie Chicken, Squash, Spinach
Sashimi (various kinds), Salad
Steak, broccoli, squash


I have the good fortune of having a wife that is an amazing cook. She is definitely more traditional when it comes to meals and we eat 6 out of 7 dinners at home. We both like eating at home for these reasons:
-We control the ingredients, and portion size
-It costs less than dining out
-It provides a family environment so we can talk and engage with each other and our children.

Our meals usually consist of:
Barbequing chicken, pork, or steak along with fresh corn and other grilling veggies.
Gabby always makes a huge salad loading with so many unique toppings we never get board of her salads. We eat a lot of chili’s made with beans, vegetables, etc. Baked chicken with yams and squash is always an easy go to for her.
Before we go to bed usually around 9:00 which allows our bodies 7+ hours to sleep, we both take a recovery formula.

Not too complicated right? I try to stick with as close to natural ingredients as I can. Here’s to our health.

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