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Live Like Laird Day

It’s the big guy’s birthday.

And in honor of that, we officially declare today… 

Live Like Laird Day


Here’s how to do it:

Today you should…

-Drink a shake or smoothie (load it with healthy stuff)

-Drink Coffee (with Laird Superfood creamer)

-Eat an insane number of veggies with a protein (twice)

-Swim in either the ocean, a lake, or pool

-Laugh (at least twice)

-Shake off judgements from others

-Stare at the sky and appreciate freedom

-Breathe deeply for at least 5 minutes

-Hug someone you love (for at least 1 minute)

-Get cold for 2 minutes (ice bath, hose, lake, shower) Then get hot (sweat)

-Do something a little exciting (live a little)

-Don’t apologize to anyone for who you are

-Get to bed by 8:30 and sleep hard

-Dream Big

Happy Birthday, Laird!

With love from Your XPT Family

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