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Make a Sweeping Change for 14 Days

time for change concept with related words cloud on blackboard 

By Gabby Reece

OK, my fellow brothers and sisters, let's make a move. We all talk about wanting to make a change, but we get lost in the wishy-washy way we approach the area we desire to change. "I need to eat better." Or "I really should start making time to exercise." What does that mean? What are you doing about it? It can't be a change if we don't do anything different.

I have a wonderful friend named Don Wildman who told me we are crazy when we do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. As if somehow this time will be different…come on! No handholding. Let's do it.

I train hard, eat healthy, and am in good shape, but I am tighter than all get-out, and it's starting to affect my body. For example, I believe I could have improved the health of my knee if my hips, feet, and IT bands were not so tight. I hate stretching and it hurts like a mother. I love chocolate. I have gotten into the habit of eating it all the time. I limit my coffee and I don't drink alcohol, but chocolate is my pacifier.  Time for a change!

Small changes done in a radical way can make for healthy habits for the long term.  So, from time to time I will dedicate two weeks to making a sweeping change.  Why?  Because I can't always pull it off just going along day after day in my life. So, I commit this time to redirect my ship. It's not always easy, sometimes it makes me grumpy, hungry or sore, but in the long run it's always worth it.  When I'm in the thick of it, I just keep telling myself that it's only for 14 days and I will have moved closer to better habits. 

Now it's your turn.  Go ahead and pick an area or areas in your life and commit 14 days to do or die doing it better:

  1. Create the goal. Really see where the need is.
  2. There is no perfect time, but start in a window that is somewhat realistic to your life.
  3. If you can, do it with a friend. Support is key. If you have someone you can go through it with, that makes it so much easier.
  4. When you are in the thick of it, see what changes are occurring and focus on all the good that you are doing for yourself.
  5. Commit. Don't quit!!!!!

If you need to get some exercise in your life, make a workout calendar. Write it all down and do not break that date. If you say you want to eat better, then suck it up for 14 days. This is not a diet, this is boot camp. This is you and me changing our day-to-day habits with a sledgehammer. It's just 14 days.

I'm of the belief that once you see that you can do it on an extreme level, you will be able to pick and choose so much easier in your day-to-day life. You will be able to implement better habits. Do something drastic, and let's rewrite the ending to our same old stories. Why not? What do you have to lose?


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