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We are explorers, curators and providers of the world's most exciting and effective training modalities
XPT, Extreme Performance Training™, is a performance lifestyle rooted in the most basic yet powerful human trait: the ability to adapt. Challenge yourself with cutting-edge fitness through our Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum designed to stimulate growth in all aspects of human performance through exposure to a variety of natural elements and environments. XPT's train, adapt and perform approach empowers you to strengthen and elevate the quality of your everyday life.
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Breathe .

Discover endless health and performance benefits through XPT's Performance Breathing™, which enables you to tap into the immense capacity of your breath. Developed over the years by world renowned big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, Performance Breathing™ educates you on specialized breathing methods that heighten your oxygen levels and unlock your aerobic capacity to its fullest potential.

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Move .

Explore XPT's unique movement program: land and water-based workouts that push human physiology and encourage essential adaptation. Leverage these dynamic movements that will challenge your body and breathing capacity under fatigue, pushing you to your edge. Reach new heights and discover endless possibilities in the exploration of human potential through XPT's Move curriculum.

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Recover .

Experience a multitude of health benefits including a decrease of inflammation and a balance of hormones by integrating XPT's Fire and Ice methodologies into your ongoing recovery routine. Practice XPT's unique hypothermic training system by turning up the furnace internally with heat application followed by cold water / ice immersion, restricting blood vessels and capillaries in your extremities, which improve your cardiovascular, endocrine, and muscular system regulation.

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Live It.

  • Experiences
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
Achieve peak fitness and a high-performance lifestyle through XPT’s breathe, move, recover curriculum designed for all levels. Retain your youthful enthusiasm while maximizing fitness through XPT’s Performance Breathing®, hypothermic training with heat and ice, in-pool training with weights and swimming exercises, as well as land workouts. No matter what you sign up for: an Experience in a nature grounding, three-day tropical fitness vacation with Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece, a local health and wellness retreat with Master XPT Performance Coaches and Advisors guiding you through the XPT lifestyle, or at a local fitness community workshop focusing on a specific XPT practice, you’ll leave with the tools to achieve a high-performance and limitless life.

Fitness Vacation Experiences.

  • Led by Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece
  • Hosted Three-Day Tropical Adventure
  • Learn the complete Breathe. Move. Recover. curriculum
Breathe, move and recover with the XPT founders themselves, surf legend and innovator, Laird Hamilton and former professional athlete, Gabrielle Reece for an exclusive hands-on, three-day luxurious fitness vacation at a partnered resort.

Health and Wellness Retreats.

  • Led by Advanced and/or Master Coaches
  • Locally hosted by an XPT Affiliate for a duration of 1-2 days
  • Learn the complete Breathe. Move. Recover. curriculum
No need to travel far to experience the full XPT healthy lifestyle. Led by XPT’s Master Coaches and the industry’s top Advisors in the breathe, move and recover space, you will learn the same curriculum and receive the same expert hands on guidance as you would at an XPT Experience, but you’re close to home!

Fitness Community Workshops.

  • Led by XPT Certified Coaches
  • Locally Hosted by an XPT Affiliate for a duration of 4-5 hours
  • Select and focus on what you want to learn within XPT’s Breathe. Move. Recover. curriculum
Adapting XPT breathing, training and recovery methods into your daily local health club routine is the key to your everyday success. Led by XPT Certified Coaches and Advisors, get 1-on-1 instruction or guided group training on your chosen XPT practice to advance and maintain optimal fitness.
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Tap into the XPT lifestyle library for further education on the breathe, move, recover programs, weekly challenges, spotlight articles featuring industry experts and celebrities, as well as nutrition tips and recipes that you can try at home.

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Coaching Tip: Breath Training Mechanics.

Before jumping into XPT Performance Breath Training, it is important to ensure that your breathing mechanics are being exhibited properly.  XPT Performance Director, PJ Nestler shares two basic tips to help improve your breathing mechanics when jumping into your breathing protocol as it pertains to XPT Daily Training, other workouts,…

How a Workout Partner Can Help You Reach Your Goals.

Many of us have a natural instinct to exercise alongside other people, whether that’s in a group fitness class or with a dedicated workout partner. What we may not be as aware of is the many ways science has determined our workout partner is actually benefitting us. And for those…

6 Research-Backed Benefits to Sauna Post Workout.

While many of us instinctively gravitate to the sauna post workout as a way to relax, recover from hard work (physical and/or mental), or otherwise indulge ourselves in something that simply feels good, it turns out that it makes complete sense for both our bodies and our minds to crave…

What Is Kombucha and Why Is It Good for You?.

While kombucha used to be something relegated to health-food stores, it has become an increasingly popular and mainstream beverage in the last couple years. Many tout both its health benefits as well as its flavor (many even find it to be a satisfying substitute for alcoholic beverages). So, what is…

Recipe: Ground Beef Curry by Chef Pete Evans.

This is a delicious curry that you can have on the table in 30 minutes or so. My advice is to make triple the amount and, the next day, add some soft- or hard-boiled eggs to take to work or school for lunch.       GROUND BEEF CURRY Courtesy…

Re-Thinking Stress – Stimulating Growth by Breaking Out of the Comfort and Abundance Prison.

Part 1 of the XPT Foundational Principles series When you hear the word “stress,” do you think of it as a positive or negative? Most likely, the very mention of the word conjures up your cluttered calendar, overflowing inbox, and all those pesky work deadlines you have hanging over your…

XPT Coach of the Week: Tom Molloy.

Tom Molloy is based in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. He was previously a Corporate Banker and Company Director and he is now a dedicated human performance specialist at ActivateBody. Tom has over a decade of experience helping adults and children discover their inner athlete. After years of struggling with arthritic knees…

XPT Challenge: Keep it Simple.

In this week's XPT Challenge, Gabby Reece brings it back to the basics.  Gabby reminds us not to get lost in all of the fancy equipment you'll find at gyms and other facilities these days.  Don't forget about 3 of the most basic exercises known to man; 3 that are…


As an XPT certified coach, you will bring some of the most cutting edge health and performance methods to your clients while belonging to a network of like-minded, progressive coaches around the globe. XPT certified coaches will have access to top tier facilities where these techniques can be used to enhance your client success in group training or 1-on-1 client sessions.

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